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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Joe J, Jan 11, 2017.

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      Hey guys. I woke up about 2 months ago with crazy ringing in my right ear. I naturally freaked out and spiralled into an insane anxiety and depression.

      Went to tons of specialists all who gave me different diagnosis. Finally my third ENT told me I had tmj since I clench my teeth at night.

      So I started sleeping with my mouth open consciously and now I wake up in complete silence.

      Throughout the day it does get gradually louder from chewing, talking and smoking cigarettes. However, I'm confident once I treat the TMJ with a dentist or perhaps chiropractor, it will no longer be an issue.

      One thing that really helped me was to refer to at as "the ringing in my ear" instead of calling it "my t". This allowed me to distance myself from it in a way.

      Cheers guys.
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      Most probably tmj
      I also have tmjd. And I indeed noticed a gradual improvement after starting to use my nightguard more often and doing stretching excersises. The speed of improvement is gradually getting slower and slower, and i still have times where my T and H are through the roof when my jaw is hurting like hell. I'm very happy to hear that your symptoms are improving so fast, and it gives me hope that I one day will get rid of my tmjd symptoms and live a life once again free of constant pain and perhaps even free of T and H. I'm receiving great help from a jaw specialist after having seen half a dozen of doctors who didn't know how to help me. So I think the future is looking bright. :) . Only wish that I would have gone to my dentist about bruxism a lot earlier. Would have saved me A LOT of suffering.:dohanimation:I wish you the best of luck with your recovery, and let's hope it'll be a short one. ;)
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      I'm going to the dentist in 2 days. I already crushed a mouth guard and my jaw clicks and pops. He'll help me for sure, but I hope that he has that double mouth guard plus that extra thing that keeps your jaw open on purpose. This way at least I'll be able to save my teeth and hopefully it'll work for my jaw and T.

      Great to hear that you'r T is getting better, I hope that you'll recover and stay that way.

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