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      Hi all. I hope I can get some advice here and share stories and possible therapies. I have this constant hissing in my ears, sometimes it gets lower and other times louder. About 4 years ago I got this suddenly, woke me right out of my sleep along with dizziness and had a brain MRI that was clean. I went to see an Inner Ear Specialist and he said I probably have Mennaires Disease and to go on a low salt diet, which I did. At the time I was working and not sleeping very well. I bought I white noise machine and that helped. I also put a nature sounds cd on my computer and transferred it to my ipod and listened to it alot of the day. Somehow, someway, the tinnitus went away. Well its back again right out of the blue again and makes me just crazy. No dizziness this time just this hissing sounds. I went back the doc and he said I can try neuronomics. I don't know much about it. Anybody have any luck with this? It costs about $5,000 and I don't know what to do. No money trees here. Thanks!
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      Neuromonics is no 'magic' cure. Tinnitus does just come and go and the treatment is to do what you did in the past and it will likely just go away again in due course.
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Dr. Ancill said it! Neuromonics is "no magic cure". We all have T but all have various methods to cope, some similar some different. We must all find out which things work best for us. I keep busy. I play sports. I keep busy. I learn new things. I keep busy. I volunteer regularly. I keep busy.....see my theme here? :)

      Likewise if sound therapy worked for you in the past, it may again though dropping $5K on a treatment that you are not sure will work for you is a gamble. However, I believe Neuromonics has a trial period just as Sound Cure does. The only catch is that these treatments are supposed to take several months to work and usually the trial period is only 30 days. But this should still be enough time to determine whether you like the therapy or not or if you think it will help you.
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      Hey Erik: Neuromonics does not necessarily com wit a 30 day trial period. Some clinics offer two weeks Some offer no trial. Legally, they are not required to offer you anything. Different for hearing aid type devices like Widex which, at least n Florida, come with a mandatory 30 day trial.

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