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      Hi all, my name is Gilad and I'm 35 yo from Israel.
      I'm having tinnitus in my right ear for about a year, it used to be an on/off kind of thing but for the last 2 months it's a constant loud , high pitch noise 24/7.
      I still don't have any good useful knowledge to share about it, being very busy helps to move the sound to the back of my consciousness but not being able to relax and rest effectively is still a huge problem for me. Anxiety is something that I never had to cope with and now it seems to be a new partner in my life that I'm also only starting to deal with.
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      acoustic trauma
      Boker tov Gilad,
      And welcome to the community. Yes Tinnitus is a though thing to deal with, but what you are doing is good, keeping busy and pushing tinnitus out of your mind. For resting/ relaxing you could try masking the noise with nature sounds or a fan. Also white/pink noise works great for many people. And even a walk at the beach with the waves covering the noise can help relaxing..
      But it seems you are on a very good way coping... So don't let the anxiety get to you, you'll see it will get easier with time.
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