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      Noise exposure, drug combo?
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      Ac. Trauma & Ac.Trauma + Meds.
      Am I just missing it?

      Where is the ultra-important corticosteroid treatment option for acute tinnitus???
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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      If you ask me when I first when to the doctor with Tinnitus, if he had done all this, gave me a deep audiological examination, explained to me what it is, told me what can happen and so on I would have probably been far better off.
      Rather I got the very basic of audio test and a "It's your first time and you don't have a history of noise abuse it will most likely go in time, just remember to protect your ears and not worry about it or focus on it too much"-the ENT was helpful, she was nice and all and told me there's a really good chance I'll recover from it and I should just go on about with my life, but if I had had more tests and been properly educated instead of reading horror stories on the internet I wouldn't have wasted 2 months being a nervous suicidal wreck.
      This is a great thing, this signifies that there really is shit being done for Tinnitus, this plus the hearing project for hair cells regeneration give me great confidence in a less Tinnitus-y future.
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      Exactly, tbh, I was searching "how to deal with recently onset noise induced T"-section but couldn't find it. Isn't it important to deal with noise induced T asap? (although I red the guideline really fast so it might be there...)

      EDIT: Corticosteroid treatment is somewhat cover in SNHL guideline (guideline) which is referenced in the T guideline. Althought, I think that if a patient gets T and temporary threshold shift from noise exposure which lasts couple of days (mine did for about 5 days - maybe permanent above 12,5kHz - can't tell) steroid treatment should be considered. Too bad that my ENT didn't suggest anything like that back then...
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      Head Injury

      There has actually been guidelines around since a while. Here is the most comprehensive flowchart describing all the various types of tinnitus and how they can be diagnosed (click on image for full size).


      The flowchart is taken from the 2nd page of the pdf attachment found with this post. There is also further information on the following pages of the pdf-file.

      I reviewed the pdf document found with the link you provided - for sure it is comprehensive, but it "kind of" lacks the overview seen above. In my opinion.

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      Acoustic trauma (gun)
      Waking up...more like sleep walking.

      Funny how these guidelines discourage the use of SSRIs and other antidepressants. Just goes to show how little of an actual understanding they have of the pain and suffering this disorder causes. What are those, who have underlying depression and/or anxiety, to do? This disorder pushes many to the brink. CBT and positive thinking just isn't going to work for everyone. Not to mention the fact that CBT is ridiculously expensive; as is TRT and neuromodulation.

      I also disagree with their recommendations on Gingko, Zinc, and Melatonin. All three have, and will likely continue, to help certain individuals. There have been scientific studies on Zinc and Melatonin proving this. As for gingko, I haven't read up on it. Melatonin when taken in conjunction with sulodexide is highly effective at reducing perceivable subjective tinnitus. I see nothing mentioning this in their guidelines. It makes me wonder if these treatments were not suggested because they are not patented by big pharma.

      Western medicine has a real problem. It seeks "blanket" treatments for the masses and in doing so potentially eliminates "cures", or rather treatments, for select individuals.

      I'll end on a positive note though. Their decision to not grill acupuncture is well received. I have heard that acupuncture has worked for a good many people with many chronic pain disorders; including tinnitus.
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      Noise / Possible Medication
      It warns against some things that can really help imo - AD and melatonin are great for me.

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