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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jones2020, Jul 14, 2014.

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      Before I begin I will introduce myself, I am from Belgium and 21 years old. And I have this problem in my ear for some time (I only took notice couple of months ago and didn't found it to be normal).. I'm kinda desperate with my situation here... It's very hard to explain and cannot find any direct name for this symptom I have. I'll try my best to explain it.

      So like I said, time to time my right ear starts to vibrate and therefor hear a sort of buzzing sound is being produced. But I can also "Feel" it in my ear. It's not sound only. Back in the days I don't always have it. But now it seems to happen every day. And it only starts when taking a nap or going to sleep at night. But the thing is, it doesn't happen instantly.. It usually takes about 5 or 10 minutes before it begins, it starts intermittend and the more I focus on it, the worse and louder it becomes and constant. At this state even when I stand up and go for example to the bathroom I still hear it. So it's not a real legit tinnitus thing...

      I also noticed and expiremented with my right ear, when the vibration begins, I play some music from smartphone next to my right ear and it stops but the minute I shift my smartphone away to let's say to my forehead I get the feeling that my right ear is tensing and then starts to vibrate... Put music next to my ear again and it relaxes again and no vibration... shift it away and again feel tensing sensation and vibrates again... I also can do this with my other good left ear..

      I also noticed that sometimes when the vibration begins, it stops with my breathing.. So when I inhale it stops and starts again, same for exhale..

      I'm truly truly desperate about this, and I know stress will only make it worse, but I can't seem to avoid thinking about this....

      Went to the ENT couple of weeks ago, audiogram was good, pressure was good, CT scan.. my right Sinus is very much infected compared to the left one.. Always was sensitive for Sinus infection. Took antibiotics, he told me that the ear thing is because of Eustachian tube is being blocked... But this happens for months and months...

      Also a couple of weeks ago I was under a lot of stress and therefor I had alot of muscle spasms and twitches almost every muscle.. I had even couple of days constant twitching just above my ear lobe, especially when I am yawning or sleeping...

      Magnesium defiency ?

      Can anyone help me out please..

      And I also have sommatic tinnitus on my left ear... so coupled with this, the stress levels are super high

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      Hi, Jones2020,

      I'm not a doctor, and don't have any definitive answers here, since I'm a fellow sufferer. But --- have you heard of tensor tympani syndrome? Here is a link to a forum about it:

      You might be experiencing something like a muscle spasm in your ear. I don't have this myself, but I do have something similar --- pulsatile tinnitus. Mine is constant, and never stops pulsating in time with my heartbeat. I've had all kinds of tests, and nothing was found, so I've opted for right now to live with it. I've had this condition for four years now, and I experience something that feels like a vibration, too. It has gotten better with time, and it's possible that yours will settle down, too.

      Also --- I've been taking magnesium for about a year now, and I believe it has really helped. You might want to at least give magnesium a try, to see if it helps your ear calm down.

      Maybe others will have additional suggestions.

      Best wishes,
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      @Jones2020 I have the ear twitching too. It started 4 months after I got my T in August 2012. It happens about every 2-3 months for me. I also have benign fasciculations (twitching) in my legs and all over, but the body twitching is far and few in between. Last year i recorded at least 7 twitching episodes or flutters. This year my ear fluttered May 2014 and now August 1, 2012 it has been twitching (right ear) since AM it twitches when i swallow or move my jaw. It is irritating. I take Cyclobenzaprine 5 mg when i have an episode and it seems to help, but i don't take it everyday, just as needed. Hope this helps.
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      I've had T for 40 years. About 35 years ago a doctor told me to take my ear lobe, pull it outward then go in circles forward and backward whenever I thought about doing it. After taking a bunch of medicine that did not work for the infection and the spike, this maneuver finally was the thing that worked but it took about 3 weeks. Later I told the doctor it worked, He said, Yes, you were congested.
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      I'm 17 and I had an acoustic trauma a few months ago. I have Tinnitus and hypercasusis with a dash of a fluttering eardrum. I call it an ear flapflap:ROFL: (I find it fun to say it that way). Sometimes when I'm sitting down doing work my ears pressure just shifts. Swallowing and yawning doesn't fix it. I gotta blow into my nose.

      Anyways the vibration thing starts sometimes when lean my head my ear vibrates but when I move my.head back up it stops. Weird... But it doesn't hurt so I don't bother with it
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      Hi @Taylorslay
      The symptoms you are experiencing are associated with noise trauma and in time they will fade. Remember, many people that have noise trauma have not made the improvement you have in such a short period of time. Just take it easy and carry on taking each day as it comes. Try not to blow your nose too hard. Whenever possible use low level sound enrichment in the background.

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    7. Taylorslay

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      I have. All day I have something running in the background when I'm at home. Whether it be a tower fan or nature sounds on my computer.

      I'm not blowing super hard just enough to fix everything haha :).
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