Want to Have a Laugh? Check This Snake Oil Product I Found

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by rogerg, Mar 10, 2011.

    1. rogerg

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      Created by a ROCK DRUMMER
      16 1-star reviews, one 5-star review (Who might have written the 5-star review???)


      Makes me angry........
    2. Jim

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      I bet it's homeopathic too!:confused:
    3. Svein

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      And holistic!:mad:
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    4. Markku

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      Outrageous. $100 for nothing... I couldn't really live with myself if I was behind these snake oils. Preying on people who are most likely to try anything they might think could give them relief. :mad:
    5. Jamfer

      Jamfer Guest

      That reminds me of the place that sells 2 - $2 bills for $10 plus you get certificates of authenticity. Good racket for taking advantage of morons, eh?
    6. Rozier

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      Early on I would have spent the money...
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    7. Eric Winch

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      Toronto, Ontario
    8. Fungus

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      I truly hate these con-artists who profit from the vulnerable. Though I would have never described myself as vulnerable, in the early days I would have eaten eye of newt or squirrels gonads if I'd been told they could cure tinnitus. (and I'm veggie, too!)

      Now a little older and a lot wiser in this respect I steer clear.

      Just to say there has never been ANY double-blind crossover trial of ANY homeopathic 'remedy' which has shown that the homeopathic 'drug' is capable of treating anything, so it makes me instantly suspicious.

    9. Tom60

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      At the beginning, I was in a frame of mind that makes people vulnerable to this type of thing. And yes, I bought 2 different products. One from a local drugstore and one online. I spent $28 in total. The one I got online I haven't used yet. The other one, well I figured that since I already spent the money, I might as well use it. No change so far. They're pills you dissolve under your tongue 3x per day. There are 70 pills in a bottle, which would last 23 days. And of course, they say that you need to keep it up for 30-45 days at least, which means you would need at the very least 2-3 $14 bottles. Of course I should have known better. But I would have urinated on an electric fence at that point if I would have thought it would have helped. That's what these scam artists count on. If I would have done any research I would have known that 6X means that an "active ingredient" has been diluted to 1/1,000,000th of it's original potency. After I'd bought it I googled it and saw it advertised on 2 unrelated websites. Some of the "reviews" were identical, word-for-word. That's the last money I spend on this kind of crap.

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