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Discussion in 'Support' started by Emma, Feb 15, 2013.

    1. Emma

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      Now that we have experienced tinnitus, has anyone here felt like it is their duty to warn other people they know about T? How about strangers? When I see a person (usually a teen) with their ipods so loud, I wish I could walk over to them and warn them about T. It is not worth it to listen to headphones that loud if T is a consequence. I didnt know tinnitus even existed and I am sure a lot of young people dont either.
    2. Lisa Lindel

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      I do it all the time. When I sub for a music class I warned students about tinnitus and how it's caused. I got learning material from American Tinnitus Association to give it to the kids.
    3. Joel

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      Yeah I totally do this now. I was online reading some news about how our city mayor (New York city) was going to spend $250k on a new awareness campaign to educate teenagers on the dangers of using earbuds/headphones too loud. ALL of the comments we rants on how it was such a waste of money .. the "real" reason for the campaign ..etc. All of a sudden i became the defender of tinnitus awareness and hearing safety on that thread ...it was a war. ;-)

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