What to Do About New Tones / Sensations Appearing After Noise Exposure?

Discussion in 'Support' started by chaLLas, Oct 14, 2018.

    1. chaLLas

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      Noise Induced (multiple acoustic incidents)
      I got tinnitus and hyperacusis from loud noise exposure (concert).

      I had to learn it the hard way that you should ABSOLUTELY protect yourself from loud noise after that no matter how safe you feel, decline every treatment including loud noise (dentist, ENT, Neurologist etc.) and don't attempt any very loud events/situations even with earplugs, at least for a pretty long time.

      It happened that I get new sensations and tones e.g. after having been to the dentist (ultrasonic)

      I have only had them for some days / weeks, but nevertheless the questions is:

      What should you do? Is it just your tinnitus spiking? Is it new hearing loss? Should you just relax and think it will pass? Or do you need new steroids to the ear ASAP?

      What I read, the ears of tinnitus sufferers feel full, stuffed and pressured most of the time, so you might not notice a new hearing loss unless you actually notice your hearing got worse?
    2. glynis

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      @chaLLas ,
      I would try steam iinhalation just to make sure your tubes are clear.

      Your Tinnitus could have spiked at the dentist from having your mouth wide open casusing pressure on your jaw and will settle so try not to worry.

      Weather changes like cold and wind can spike tinnitus also.

      love glynis
    3. Gav

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      You've done the right thing by wearing your plugs whenever you can.

      The biggest spike I've had in 16 years was recently at the dentist when I had a crown removed. It's hard to protect your ears from drilling in bones as the sound transmits straight through to your ear canal. But this recent spike has mostly settled down now.

      In fact, I've had hundreds of spikes over the last sixteen years or so of having tinnitus while wearing plugs, but the reassuring thing is that they've all calmed down after a week to three weeks.

      So I think you will be fine. We can't avoid going to the dentist, but I'd just ask them to use a low power setting on the drill or ultrasonic device when they are being used in future. Or go manual for your hygienist cleans. They will be happy to do this... just takes a little bit longer.
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      What can possibly be done?

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