Why does it vary so much?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sybs, Oct 28, 2013.

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      I first got my T 6 months ago, went through the initial anxiety and depression then seemed to habituate after a couple of months but in the very early days it seemed to pretty much alternate - 1 T-free day, the next bad, the next T-free and so on, then the days seemed to space out a bit where I was having more good days than bad and about 1 or 2 really bad days a week, but then I stopped having completely T-free days but it mostly evened out so that I went for a couple of months without really noticing it and just got on with my life. Well now 6 months on it seems to have got much worse. It's a high pitch constant whistle (frequency about 8450Hz) and a hissing over the top mainly in my left ear. I have given up caffeine and lowered my salt intake - also cut right down on bread but nothing seems to make a difference. The only thing I know is that I have been much more stressed lately and not sleeping too well. A couple of months ago I pretty much accepted that I would possibly not be free of it but could cope. I went to see an Audiologist and he was convinced that I would be feeling much better by the time I went back to see him. Since I saw him it has got worse. I live in the UK and I am always reading about all the tests that are done to establish possible causes, etc., but all I've had done are blood tests and a hearing test. I have had no real examination of the actual ear mechanism.

      At the moment it's making me very down, angry and tearful which probably doesn't help the T much but it's a bit of a vicious cycle isn't it.
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      Not a good day for me either. Louder than ever and my husband is tired of my talking about it. I could go on but won' t.,
      I have not had blood tests for T, what are they looking for in the blood work?
      You bring up a good point, the ear exam. I actually had an ENT do the hearing test and talked about T but never looked in ears either. Wonder what that is all about?

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