Suggestions Chapter 7: Exercise and Nutrition

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      Suggestions for Chapter 7: Exercise and Nutrition

      Put all of your suggestions, comments and ideas in here and we'll update the guide as we go.

      The guide can be found here Tinnitus Help: The Guide

      The content that goes in the guide will be for everyone. Please consider that this is for people from many different cultures and belief systems - don't be offended if there are certain things that don't make it in :)
    2. Kathi

      Kathi Member Benefactor

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      HFHL and stress
      I've given up caffeine--not because I'm afraid it will spike my tinnitus--it doesn't. I gave it up because I found I sleep better. I also exercise at least 30 minutes a day, most days more. I do cardio almost every day and lift three times a week. It just makes me feel better and a sense of well being adds to a positive attitude for me. It was hard to climb out of the tinnitus doldrums and I am trying to prevent falling back when I have a bad day.
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    3. tony harp

      tony harp Member

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      I.V. antibiotics after appendectomy
      I find when I can stay well-hydrated that the tinnitus is sometimes barely audible. At least, thats how it seems to work for me. When I get dehydrated my ears tend to sing to me. I'm used to it, surprisingly. But water, water, water is my mantra.
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    4. BobbyR

      BobbyR Member

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      A low sodium diet is very important. I can tell when i eat something with sodium in it, the pitch and loudness of my tinnitus will increase. Therefore, it is important not to eat processed foods (which are high in sodium) and to read the labels of what you eat to try to lessen your intake.
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    5. Steve H

      Steve H Director Staff Benefactor Team Trobalt Team Tech Team Awareness Team Research

      York, UK
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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      I've fit bits in, thanks to everyone so far.

      As I get some more text put in there I'll expand and make sure it's all included.
    6. glynis-harbron

      glynis-harbron Member Benefactor Hall of Fame Ambassador Team Awareness Team Research

      England, Stoke-on-Trent
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      Meniere's Disease
      Exersize releases our happy endorphins and lifts mood and helps you cope better with the sound when feel better in ourselves.
      Going the gym,swimming,yoga etc or just nice short or long walks makes a daily difference in coping with tinnitus..
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    7. Joao Rio

      Joao Rio Member Benefactor

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      May, 25th 2014
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      TMJ Inflamation??
      Physical exercise has helped me in general but I have found these 2 particular types of exercise helped a lot: Yoga and HIIT (High Impact Interval Training)

      1. Yoga. It helps with posture, including cervical posture. Relaxation. Breathing. Some breathing exercises cause me to feel actual decompression of the cervical and/or ear when doing them.

      2. HIIT (High Impact Interval Training). This is a short but very intensive exercise regime that I do twice a week. It started after a small running injury sent me to the gym and I haven't left yet.
      2.1. I do give it my all and in this way get some sort of emotional discharge which translates to real physical decompression of the neck/ear area. (This also happens with other emotional discharges such as laugh and cry by the way)
      2.2. The harder exercises force me to in-consciously contract my face, jaw, neck area when I push/pull/etc. This also seams to have some effect on decompression of the neck and ear area and also in the T.

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