gammaCore Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Lance, Nov 27, 2015.

    1. Lance

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      Has anybody heard anything about the gammaCore product that is a non invasive self application for Vagus Nerve Stimulation?
      Status: Available in the UK (?). Not available in the USA (?), but being considered by the FDA.

      Sounds like they are selling the device to target migraine sufferers.

      Their website shows a nifty ergonomic looking thing you hold in your hand and press against your neck.

      Q1: Is this just electronic snake oil? or does it give relief to tinnitus sufferers?

      Q2: What does the thing cost?

      Also, here is a third party article on it ...

      I do not own stock in their company.
      Just another guy with tinnitus.
      Would be willing to buy the device from someone in UK and have them ship it to me.

      Strangely though, I found another article that says it's a New Jersey based company.

      Q3: Where is the gammaCore device actually made and where is it sold?

      thank you.

    2. Bertman
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      I would be very weary about dropping money on something like this.
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    3. AUTHOR

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      After doing some more money, I totally agree.

      Looks like you can actually buy it online now.
      $300 gets you the unit that has 50 "doses".
      Inside is a battery that can't be recharged, you have to buy a new unit from the factory.

      That threw up all kinds of red flags.
      Basically they made an ergonomic looking cash cow.
    4. Silvio Sabo

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      Noise - I think
      There is no way of reaching the Vagus nerve via the skin. The nerve is buried deep into the tissue and all the nerves in the skin will just conduct all the electricity away from the area. The only way to reach the Vagus is with an implant.
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    5. AUTHOR

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      Very good point Silvio.
      Especially, since they have you apply some gel on your neck.

      In one of the articles I referenced, there was the name of a doctor you could contact and email for further questions.
      I emailed the doctor and this is what they said ...

      Thank you for your note.
      In order to obtain, and for most beneficial use of the device, you would need a physician to prescribe it for appropriate use in accordance to your condition.

      The FDA approval for the gammaCore device is still pending in the USA. The device is approved in other countries, such as Canada and countries in the European Union, and physicians form those countries can offer consultations and prescribe the device.
      I hope this is helpful.

      Dr Juana Marin
    6. nills

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      acoustic trauma
      this device can easlily be reproduced by two copper coins and a battery connecting both ... 3 dollar and your done ... unlimited doses ...

      reminds me of the ZAPPER
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