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      Tinnitus Talk was started by @Markku in 2011 when he developed severe tinnitus after ear wax removal. Since then, we have grown exponentially and supported those affected by tinnitus all over the world.

      Donate today and...
      • Your donation is matched by an anonymous benefactor. This means that we will get twice the amount you donate. Today is the day to be generous.

      • Get access to a webinar recording with ENT Dr. Michael Golenhofen who runs his own tinnitus clinic. We discussed tinnitus for an hour; you will find out why he thinks the European clinical guidelines for tinnitus are not up to par, learn more about ototoxic medications and how sometimes TMJ related tinnitus can be fully resolved, among other interesting topics.

      • You make possible the future of these forums, Tinnitus Talk Podcast, survey collection for researchers, and more.

      Many of you know me from the Tinnitus Talk Podcast. I've had tinnitus since 2017 and I've helped manage this community ever since. I do all of this in my spare time; actually, none of us get a salary.

      But we do have costs that we need to cover; our annual expenses are about $16,000 and it is through the generosity of people like yourself that we can keep up our efforts. Check the below video for more!


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