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      How can I apply?

      If you have a skill that you think could be helpful for our cause (even a small, simple sounding skill that you do not think much of can be very useful so do not be shy!), and you would be able to volunteer a bit of time on a frequent basis, just enough to make a difference:

      Please send us a message with:
      • What skills and experience you have? Any examples you can show or share?
      • How much time (on average) do you foresee to be able to volunteer?

      Skills that we are looking for include, but are not limited to:

      • Forum moderation
      • Writing/editing of blogs, articles, educational materials etc.
      • Technical:
      ◦ Programming
      ◦ Web design/development
      ◦ SEO
      ◦ Video/audio editing/production​
      • Awareness and fundraising:
      ◦ Online marketing
      ◦ Social media campaigning
      ◦ Graphic design
      ◦ Political lobbying
      ◦ Fundraising​
      • Data science:
      ◦ Survey design
      ◦ Data analysis
      ◦ Data visualisation​
      • Medical:
      ◦ Pharmacist
      ◦ Doctor
      ◦ ENT​
      • Legal (e.g. copyright, IP, privacy, defamation)
      • Financial controlling
      • Management:
      ◦ Project management
      ◦ Business administration for non-profits​


      We are very open to ideas, suggestions, etc.

      We want to do things that can make a big difference for us and also for the newbies so they don't waste as much time and money as we have chasing rainbows.
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      Tinnitus Since:
      Resolved since 2016
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unknown (medication, head injury)
      Do you have certain specific talents or a specific educational background? Would you like to put your talents to good use on an ad-hoc basis? If so, Tinnitus Talk could use a few volunteers who would be willing to help out with specific tasks/projects, if/when the need arises. The tasks would typically be quite simple, non-time consuming, and time-bound.

      Examples include:

      1) A lawyer helping out with the wording of a disclaimer.
      2) A pharmacist reading a research paper on the pharmacological mechanism-of-action of a drug.
      3) A project manager overseeing a one week project such as a petition.
      4) "Number crunching" a simple data set.

      It is not certain that there will ever be a need, but any volunteers with the following backgrounds would be highly appreciated:
      • Pharmacist
      • Doctor
      • Lawyer
      • Mathematician
      • Financial controller
      • IT Programmer
      • Internet marketing
      • Public relations experience
      • Project management experience
      • Video editing/production
      • Experience with political lobbyism
      • Knowledge of-/background in- politics at local- or government-level
      • Senior leadership role in large corporations
      • Veterans of the United States armed forces
      • Spreadsheet "gurus"
      • Graphic design
      • Web design/development
      • Social media campaign experience
      The underlying idea is that people can contribute with more than just a monetary membership donation; you can also contribute with your input and ideas. And while it does mean a bit of work in some cases (e.g., contacting a professor or two, speaking with an otology pharma-CEO, or writing an e-mail to the health authorities), there is a "reward" in return: knowledge and influence. And yes, the knowledge and influence may be very small to begin with, but if a person is persistent and displays integrity with the contacts, that knowledge may well grow over time.

      So there is a reward for getting involved with Tinnitus Talk activities: you will get closer to some of the things that "really matter".

      If you are interested in volunteering and would like to make a difference, then please consider this possibility and reply to @Markku with a comment or two about your skills.

      Thank you.
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