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      Hello everyone.. I felt compelled to write this because if it will help any of you, that would make me feel great. I have visited this board from time to time and have been moved to see how much people really do care about other people. And how many of you want to help others on the board suffering with this horrible malady. You're all to be commended for that!

      Although I'm the admin of several online forums myself, unrelated to this topic or "health" for that matter (I build websites and do computer tutoring) I really don't like to type! LOL So, I'm going to try and narrow my past experiences as much as possible.
      I'm "zipping" (computer term) over 20 years of my T and MD experience into this one post.

      When I was 33 it all began with my left ear. It was a horrible time, the loud ringing, the feeling of fullness in my left ear and the dizzy spells. Then several years later, I had the dreaded "drop attack". I will never forget it. Felt like someone kicked the chair out from under me! I literally didn't know which end was up!! Thank God it happened at home. Only those that have experienced one of these damnedable events know what I'm talking about.

      I had a neighbor at the time who was quite religious that came over and prayed with me while I was going through this tough time. He along with my wife at the time were very supportive and I feel helped me from literally going crazy. I went to the Doctor and they said it was MD. I don't like to use actual dis-ease name, but abbreviations.

      Anyway, I started reading everything I could on T and MD and how to nutritionally help heal it. I called a popular "on the air" nutritional talk show host. He said and I quote (after asking how old I was, 33 at the time)... "you don't have MD, you have and allergy". He told me to get on quercitin and vitamin C. This was before I had even heard about the "John from Ohio" treatment which, according to the nutrients he takes, looks like he is treating his T with anti-allergy supplements too. Over the years, the MD and T symptoms subsided to not really being noticeable. Oh I had my bad days here and there, but nothing like in the beginning. I strongly believe in using the quercitin and lemon bioflavonoid, especially if yours is allergy related.

      Well, fast forward a little over 20 years and recently (within the last week actually) I started getting dizzy again. Now to be honest, I had quit taking the quercitin and lemon bioflavonoid for several months. Mainly because I just wasn't noticing any major symptoms. There was a background T of say between 10 and 20 percent if you're able to imagine that. But at night especially, I would notice a spike of 30 percent or so. I have just discovered what I believe the cause to be. I have always had high blood pressure. Now couple this with me taking a high potency ginkgo supplement. I believe the ginkgo was causing my BP to shoot even higher, causing the dizziness along with maybe the MD symptoms. So, I started reading again on the Web about dizziness. That brought me to some sites that mentioned that high blood pressure can cause dizziness! That in turn led me to discover a supplement that was mainly used for "anti-aging" but also, lowered blood pressure and quieted T. It's called carnosine. L- Carnosine to be more specific.

      Now I know a lot of you have heard of it and even talked about it on this forum. But, for these latest dizzy spells, which thank God, I was able to "get out of" after a minute or so, I needed to find something that would help. In the past these dizzy spells would cause me to be bed bound for a day. I believe at least the T I'm dealing with may not only be allergy related (we've had a lot of pollen here within the last week), but BP related.

      I have quit the junk food as much as possible in just the last few days and am on day 3 of taking the carnosine. For the last week, I just didn't feel right, I had a "light headedness" about me that I just couldn't shake and could actually hear my heartbeat pulsing in my left ear. Since cleaning up my act with the junk food, getting off the high potency ginkgo and taking the L- carnosine, I feel much better and hearing quieter.

      I was even afraid to go out or to travel to my regular places I go, the library, shopping, etc because of the dizziness fear. I know a lot of you know what I'm talking about. I have lost that fear over the last few days. This is because I feel that my pressure has been lowered and have lost the light headedness feeling. Now, I also read that anxiety brings on the dizziness too. And, having anxiety from the fear of dizziness is a vicious cycle!

      So, to wrap this all up, I just wanted to let those who think they might be having the same symptoms as I've recently had, to look into carnosine. It's not expensive and if you do the research, you'll see its quite remarkable. I feel it has "killed 2 birds with one stone" (I hate that saying btw) but its true. It has lowered my BP and T. I'm hearing right around 5 percent T as I write this. Oh, by the way. I used to love my "cold ones", a.k.a. beer for many years but stopped that a good year or so ago. Beer can raise BP too from what I've read and has yeast in it that I feel may aggravate symptoms. I do miss it, but want my health even more.

      Whew! And I wanted to keep this post short and sweet? OOPS....
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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      Interesting read, thanks. My BP is normal though. On goes the search. Lol

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