Unexpected Sounds Appear Unreasonably Loud — How Do You Deal ith Startling Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by KJ718, Oct 4, 2022.

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      Diving accident
      Does anyone have the issue where noises sound unreasonably loud when they are unexpected and caused by others, but aren't really as bothersome when you expect them or cause them yourself?

      I just went to Home Depot. Right next to me, an associate dropped a huge piece of lumber (a 2x10x10) on top of a shelf that was at ear level. It sounded like a gunshot to me and I jumped. Ear isn't happy now. The thing is, after I stepped back and observed him lift and drop another piece, it didn't seem as loud. It was loud, but not gunshot territory loud.

      How do you deal with startling sounds? Most people on here seem to wear ear protection - but I feel that makes hyperacusis worse.
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      Anxiety/stress and overexposed to sleep music
      Yes it happens to me sometimes. I don't have hyperacusis like before (I succeeded in reducing mine by 93%), but when I had hyperacusis, sounds that I didn't expect had a stronger impact on me than when I was conscious about it. But both types of sounds hurt.

      Now that my hyperacusis has reduced a lot, the sounds are not that bad even if they are unexpected.

      About protecting your ears, I strongly believe you should do but at the same time don't. I left my ears exposed to the real life sounds for weeks because when I protected them, my hyperacusis was worse. Eventually all sounds stopped bothering me. Only things like loud cries made my ears spasm a bit but not that bad. But after suffering from hyperacusis, I started to take my foam earplugs with me everywhere I go. My recommendation is to use them only when the sound is very loud (like restaurants etc). If you feel very insecure about unexpected sounds, then take them with you and use them.

      But that's only my personal experience.

      Hugs, I hope you get better soon too :huganimation:
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      Several causes
      Wear earplugs every time you go out...

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