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Feb 21, 2017
    1. Aaron_N
      Hi, I was reading a thread here and found that my symptoms are exactly like yours. My T started a few months ago. I noticed you list Myofascial Trigger Points as a cause. I did some research on this: I have poor posture and have started to have lower back pain. Also last winter I was particularly inactive, sitting at a desk most of my days and getting little excercise. I am wondering if you have any advice? Thx.
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    Myofascial Trigger Points
    I got tinnitus in 2008 after foolishly trying a pain product I learned about from an online forum for my chronic chest pain of unknown cause. Before that I had chronic neck pain.

    This product turned out to be dangerous and I probably got the dosage wrong because I based it on other products like kava tinctures. I took too much and got pressure in my ears and inability to balance and bad nausea. I believe I suffered ear poisoning.

    Ever since then I developed chronic temple pain, TMJ issues, intermittent face numbness etc. I also have trigger point issues.

    In 2010 I developed other health problems after a doctor gave me a fake lyme disease test and treated me with unusual antibiotics. Ever since I also have parenthesizes all over my body that feel like cold water sensations, burning and stinging.
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