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Charlotte, NC

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Sep 10, 2021
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    Charlotte, NC
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    hearing loss
    Hello all, my T started October 11, 2017. Medically speaking I had a mild bout with pneumonia in July 2017 that lasted over a month, and the same month had severe hives for two weeks in which I got two shots Antihistamine injections which I never have taken in my life. I have a history of hives but usually its every 3-5 years and last only a week and the hives go away. I feel like my immune system played a part in my tinnitus, after the bout with pneumonia and all the hives. September had a small tumor come up and cut off from the Dermatologist called Rosai-Dorfman Disease, i have since been cleared of that from my body I believe this is immune related as well. I am also a 59 year old male that is on the testosterone pellets the last 4 years. In October i woke to the tinnitus and like most of you its a life changer. The best way i describe it as my T is a 10 level for 3-4 days straight and thank God i get some relief after that with a T equals a 2-4 level sometimes two days in a row, then after that it gets pretty bad. My hives occasionally keep coming back that last one day a week for no reason. I have seen 2- different ENT's about the T, one recommended hearing aids also prescribe blood pressure meds to remove salt. I had hearing test done that show some hearing loss, i been a firefighter for 39 years so the sirens probably made it that way. I saw the allergist she put me on Certizine for about 5 months to stop the hives from popping up. I came off the Certizine few months back but still at times have the hives for a day. Allergy test were done this Spring nothing was found i was allergic too. In April got the Hearing Aids with Notch therapy from Signia. $5,400, very expensive, i worn them 12 hours a day. I dont feel like they have helped me as my T is still showing 3-4 days pretty bad, and 1-2 days good, so i don't feel the notch helped me much, the increase in hearing of my sounds with the hearing aids kinda made my T louder at times especially at night when trying to sleep. I gave the hearing aids about 26 days a try. Maybe i should have worn them longer, but felt like they were making it worse to me also my trail period was coming up as well. Currently looking into BeyoungTinnitus online and also the Neuromonics which is basically the same thing. Anyone out there that has had success please let me know .