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Nov 9, 2017
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    October 2017
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    Started with tones in both ears out of the blue bout a month ago. Precededing this was clogged sensation in right ear. Since then a few days of sinus pressure/headache, clogged sensation in right ear on and off. The tinnitus sound reminds me of the olden days when the TV was warming-up when you turned it on. Saw ENT who said no fluid in ears but right eardrum looked 'dull' which could have meant an infection was clearing up. Prescribed short course of prednisone (40 mg 2/day for 2 days and 20 mg 2/day for 2 days)--this was probably too short to do anything.

    Went to her ENT practice partner this week. Hearing test showed hearing loss in both ears, more so in right ear. Left ear was mild in the high pitch range. I didn't get a sense of how much loss is in right ear. I felt like the test wasn't that great because the earphone in the left ear wasn't right and there was some static which the technician later adjusted when I mentioned it and it was better.

    They did other tests that confirmed no fluid. The doc said the blocked feeling is due to nerve inflammation and yesterday I started prednisone with this course: 40 mg am & pm for 7 days; 20 mg am & pm for 3 days, 20 mg am only for 3 days; 10 mg am only for 2 days. From what I read this could work if taken within the first two weeks of symptoms and I am beyond that.

    I also hear a sound in my ears when I swallow, mostly in the right ear. I had previously had issues with TMJ but have not had symptoms in a number of years.

    Had an MRI yesterday (both no contrast and contrast) with the reason written on the order: sensorineural hearing loss (both ears). Since this came on fast the doctor is saying it is 'sudden hearing loss'. My concern is that it could be progressive and that is a major stress for me. The funny thing is I don't really notice that I have lost hearing, which is a good thing.

    Comments on this are most appreciated. I want to have hope that this isn't forever, although from what I read it sounds (pun intended) that it might be. Thanks!