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Sep 10, 2016
Dec 1, 2014
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Nashville, TN
Retired Headhunter

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Member, Male, from Nashville, TN

New and hoping to hear that I don't have to hear what I hear all the time. Dec 1, 2014

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Sep 10, 2016
    1. CRDBass
      New and hoping to hear that I don't have to hear what I hear all the time.
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    Nashville, TN
    Retired Headhunter
    Tinnitus Since:
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    No clue - but see comments below
    • I'm 66 (born early '48), retired from pretty stressful work over the years, very active, sing on a very regular, competitive basis (4 part a capella), work out regularly, avid golfer.
    • 5'10" - 170 lbs., married to a very healthy eating vegetarian (I'm not, but close to one), take only blood pressure pills (moderately low dosages) and a small group of vitamins.
    Knock on wood for the following:
    • Very infrequent (maybe 1 occurrence per year) illnesses of any sort, non of which last more than a day or two... have never missed a day of work due to a flu, cold, sickness of that sort...
    • Minor operations (hernia/wisdom teeth) were the only causes.
    Not so good news:
    • 18 months ago I did have a colonectomy (ascending colon) with stage 2 colon cancer - no chemo, no radiation, no signs of any cancer since.
    POSSIBLE tinnitus causes:

    1. Circa 1976 thru circa 1992 I primarily heated my house in Northeastern PA with wood. Bought logging truck loads of wood (4-5 chords uncut) and cut them with a chainsaw... likely spent 8-10 hours a week for 5-6 weeks with a chain saw running in my hands.. loud one
    2. Circa 1970-1978 did a lot of skeet shooting and small game hunting with a shot gun... of course there was not ear protection available then (he said sarcastically)...

    Did not really start realizing that my ears were ringing all the time until about 10-12 years ago... Seems to have increased in volume last few years but it primarily a nuisance... it does not keep me awake at night and does not interfere with my hearing (at least I don't think it does and I pass audiologists tests)...

    Would love to get rid of it!!!
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