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Sep 5, 2021
May 29, 2017
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Emanuel Lourenco

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At this point i wish covid would take me... now that most stopped, help for tinnitus sufferers is even more delayed. No point living anymore Apr 7, 2020

Emanuel Lourenco was last seen:
Sep 5, 2021
    1. Padraigh Griffin
      Padraigh Griffin
      Just seen your posts. Sharing a lot of my negative sentiments. Just hope you are ok? Haven’t seen you online in a while.
    2. SadMan
      What kind of loud noise were you exposed to?
      1. Emanuel Lourenco
        Emanuel Lourenco
        when exactly?
        Jan 3, 2021
    3. Emanuel Lourenco
      Emanuel Lourenco
      At this point i wish covid would take me... now that most stopped, help for tinnitus sufferers is even more delayed. No point living anymore
    4. Emanuel Lourenco
      Emanuel Lourenco
      Amazing how our T can just keep getting worse and worse and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do, everyone expects you to just carry on
      1. HeavyMantra
        Yeah well, they don't understand what moderate+ tinnitus is like
        Aug 7, 2019
    5. Emanuel Lourenco
      Emanuel Lourenco
      After my T got worse, life stopped being something that I live, just something I endure
    6. Emanuel Lourenco
    7. Emanuel Lourenco
      Emanuel Lourenco
      3 years with tinnitus, had nothing but it becoming worse and worse, I am not sure what reason I have left to live
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      3. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        What was the cause, Stu?!
        May 27, 2019
      4. Stu1983
        I had developed severe H but didn’t know because I rarely felt pain or fullness (I thought that those were part of H always) sounds just started making me uncomfortable and everyday sounds started sounding loud and my T was spiking violently basically everyday since February. I then started sound therapy with my audiologist with hearing aids to treat the H and after 1 month I’m already seeing improvement
        May 28, 2019
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      5. Stacken77
        @Stu1983 Did your hyperacusis back then cause permanent baseline increases? Did all this settle with sound therapy? How are you doing now? I believe I'm in a similar situation.
        May 12, 2021
    8. katri
      You have the capacity to do anything. Your mind is amazing and the things you can and will overcome are just starting to reveal themselves. battles aren’t easy but that’s what makes us stronger people. We’ve all met people who complain 24/7, meanwhile we have a loud train station in our heads. Once you accept T, you’ll realize that even your worst day, pales in comparison to some of the days you went through with T.
      1. Emanuel Lourenco
        Emanuel Lourenco
        I just look at other people and all I have is envy cause I have this hell in my head and there they are complaining that they had to walk in the rain or hurt their arm. I'd fking give an arm to stop this hell. Then theres the fact that you can't just stop it ever, no one has anything to relieve it, how can I cope then, I don't understand
        Sep 21, 2018
      2. katri
        Like I said, it takes time. I know you despise hearing that. Just try to make happiness your goal. You can be happy and notice your tinnitus. Eventually, you’ll just realize you’re happy. Don’t get stuck in a single routine and try to mix it up. You’re thoughts will go back to normal.
        Sep 21, 2018
    9. Arthur B
      Arthur B
      Hey Emanuel, I saw a few of your posts from a while ago and just wanted to know if your tinnitus has got any better? I'm relatively new to this so any help/info is appreciated. Thanks
      1. Emanuel Lourenco
        Emanuel Lourenco
        Hello Arthur.... no saddly it hasn't it only has gotten worse. I am not trying to scare anyway or take away hope but this has been my experience every time that it has gotten worse it has never went back to its previous state... I hope people that dont have it that severe to enjoy the good things in life and to be careful with stuff that can make it worse .. Take care my friend
        Dec 9, 2017
    10. Emanuel Lourenco
      Emanuel Lourenco
      All i want is the noise to stop.... I don't want to live like this
    11. Emanuel Lourenco
      Emanuel Lourenco
      All life comes with a death sentence
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    12. Emanuel Lourenco
      Emanuel Lourenco
      Wish I was someone else
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