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Naturopath Practitioner, Health Coach

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    Naturopath Practitioner, Health Coach
    Tinnitus Since:
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    Bad Well Water - Toxins, Coliform, Lead Tank... & STRESS
    Mine began in 2009... 3 months after moving in to a new place. Water was a ground fed well, traveling through a LEAD tank... and the owner was pouring gallons of clorox into the system. Everything happened so gradually, it was hard to even think clearly as to what was actually happening. Skin was dry, hair was breaking off and falling out... The stress, coupled with the irritants, toxins, and COLIFORM (had water tested)... - 6 months in, my ear 'popped' and I heard SIRENS, literally. Moved out as fast as I could in 201o. I lost my hearing in my left ear, and heard sirens everyday, all day... for two years.

    It took TWO YEARS to bring it down to tolerable levels. I lost hearing on the left side and was told I would lose all hearing, being wrongly diagnosed with Meniere's... and sent home with steroids. I didn't take them, and searched a cure w-my friend who is a Naturopathic Doctor... I am also a Naturopath Practitioner. No cure, but was able to hear again in two years time.. and my right is tinnitus free and hear perfectly. Still working on the left...

    I believe stress is a big factor in tinnitus...

    Stress, coupled with life's irritants, allergens, and toxins all around us, are destined to create a negative outcome. So important to free our lives of negative influence as best we can.