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Jun 19, 2017
Mar 22, 2016
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Tampa Bay, FL

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Jun 19, 2017
    1. Richard Bladykas
      Richard Bladykas
      Hey Goblots,

      I see you haven't been on for a while. Has your tinnitus gone away?
    2. TpaBucsBoltsRays
      Thank you for your response, I truly appreciate it. While we do like our 2nd ENT, I will def have my husband look into contacting Dr. Jagger, I'm sure talking with someone who has/had this may help out the mind at ease since they are most likely to tell you what you NEED to hear
    3. TpaBucsBoltsRays
      instead of what you WANT to hear if tell you anything at all (our first ENT sent us in our way with done quack "fix all" tinnitus herbal pill and a print out from the Internet about tinnitus and said see us in 3 weeks).
    4. TpaBucsBoltsRays
      I hope and pray that your T keeps going in the right direction and that you find peace and quite soon. Thank you again for your response. I'm going to share your post with my husband in hopes that it will show him there is a silver lining in this nightmare he's living.
      Thank you again
    5. TpaBucsBoltsRays
      Part 3- sorry
      Lastly how has your wife coped with this? I know this is more personal & it sounds selfish of me to ask, but I was just wondering how your wife has been able to be/stay strong for you through all this?
      I know this is a lot but any information would be greatly appreciated I'm at a loss on what I can do for him.
      Thank you
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      2. gobolts07
        There really isn't a lot you can do other than be supportive and understanding. I hope this helps. I've written a lot and probably rambled a lot too. Definitely check out Dr. Hubbard's posts though. One I read stated that 98% of people habituate in 6-18 months which helped give me some confidence.
        Apr 3, 2016
      3. gobolts07
        That's the biggest thing is that you lose confidence that life will be the same and everything will work out. Well, it will for him. I didn't think it would for me and things are much better and I'm confident that they will continue to get better. If you think of any other questions definitely ask.
        Apr 3, 2016
      4. gobolts07
        Apparently I have a lot to say too!
        Apr 3, 2016
    6. TpaBucsBoltsRays
      Part 2:
      My point to contacting you
      We have been to 2 audios & 2 ENT who do you go to? Do you know of any support groups in the TBay Area for this? Do you go to someone to talk to aside from your wife? I've mentioned to my husband to go talk to someone about his emotions with this, aside from me I'm at a loss as how to find someone who understands this "invisible" situation.
    7. TpaBucsBoltsRays
      I read your recent post & saw that you are from Tampa. I'm from Tampa when I was reading your post I was reading word for word feeling for feeling of what our lives have been like this past month
      My husband was "diagnosed" w/ tinnitus no hearing loss/damage 1 month ago I banned him from the internet I am the "researcher" now.
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    Probably noise exposure, concerts, etc
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