Jan 10, 2022
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    1. Walking Dude
      Walking Dude
      Hi there, I was wondering if the dental laser causes sounds to transmit to the ear similar to vibrations from a dental drill or if the danger in the laser is the sound from the laser traveling through the air to reach the ear externally? I’m going to get some laser dental work soon. Thanks.
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      2. InNeedOfHelp
        Hi, you can perfectly protect yourself against the laser sound with protection. i had a second cavity done this week. afterwards they will have to polish/grind down the filling. Takes around 30 sec. i asked specifically not to use the suction tube during that (had to swallow the drills water which is just normal water).

        My Tinnitus spikes very easy. I did not have a single bit of spike after both treatments.
        Aug 15, 2022
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      3. Walking Dude
        Walking Dude
        Thank you for the response Inneedofhelp. For the drilling portion after the laser, do you recommend no hearing protection due to the occlusion effect?
        Aug 16, 2022
      4. InNeedOfHelp
        Oct 4, 2022
    2. Travis Henry
      Travis Henry
      I love you and so sorry you are suffering. Sounds like your t is as reactive as mine.
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