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Why do people have unrealistic expectations of strangers? No one can be classified by the mean. Aug 1, 2023

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Viewing thread Tinnitus from an Ototoxic Reaction to Sertraline / Hydroxyzine — Now on Second Round of Steroids, Mar 2, 2024 at 12:25 AM
    1. Jambo
      Hey you mentioned that nortriptyline exacerbated your tinnitus. What dose were you on and once you ceased the medication, did it return to your baseline tinnitus? Thank you!
      1. Jammer
        I don't remember the dose as it was long ago. My tinnitus did return to baseline.
        Nov 10, 2023
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    2. Jammer
      Why do people have unrealistic expectations of strangers? No one can be classified by the mean.
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    3. LostTruck
      @Jammer Is fleeting tinnitus considered a good thing? Does it mean the brain/ears are recalibrating and trying to adjust back to normal?
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      2. Jammer
        I don't know what fleeting tinnitus means. Could be just another changing tinnitus pattern to throw you a curve ball.
        Jun 23, 2023
      3. Jupiterman
        I've wondered the answer to this. I now think there is no way of knowing if it's a good or bad thing. I think it's the brain/ears trying to recalibrate BUT whether that's recalibrating to nerves after healing or to nerves permanently damaged?
        Jun 23, 2023
      4. LostTruck
        @Jupiterman Do you think if hyperacusis were to improve, then reactive tinnitus would also improve at the same time and become less reactive?
        Jun 25, 2023
    4. Jammer
      Keeping alive and staying.
    5. KoolKat
      my question to you is from back then 2004, to now 2023, how much innovative
      progress do you think researchers have made and do you see the light at the end of this tunnel.
      Or has their always been empty promises for treatment that just fizzle out and its just rinse and repeat.
      basically from a veterans perspective nothing has changed.
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    6. KoolKat
      Wow you had this since 2004 wow im so sorry and much respect. you are a trooper for sure and tough.
      I know it wasnt easy. at all. i got it 2014 literally a decade after you and its been he11. Life literally has never been the same for me. and sadly ive seen people online who acquired way after you and after me cant take it and literally GO if you know what i mean...
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