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Mar 10, 2023
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Jul 15, 2024 at 5:08 AM
    1. KoolKat
      but lets hope shores device works and can get us both out this rut, so that you can resume your life and so that i can get my old life back.
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    2. KoolKat
      that comment about 10 years ago you being 8 was very sad. Im so sorry you got this horrendous condition at such an early age. I too was a victim of tinnitus at a young age, barely out of H.S. i never really got to live my life. im still mentally trapped in 2014. i got Tinnitus a decade ago when you were 8. crazy how time flies. It pisses me off they still didnt figure this out yet.
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      3. KoolKat
        @JimmyStrong What ever works for you brother I did that too back in 2015-2021, tho i suffered i thought i could handle it, n i would every once in a while check tinnitus stuff, but then i got a setback in 2021 that practically makes tinnitus research lookup apart of my daily life.
        Apr 15, 2023
      4. KoolKat
        @JimmyStrong Lets hope this shore device works so we can finally put a nail in the journey for the time being, until a better cure or treatment comes along. Life is fcking short and it tortures me on all the things i missed out on. i cant believe our brain is torturing us like this.
        Apr 15, 2023
      5. JimmyStrong
        I saw the USA military statistics. It's crazy how they receive so much funding compared to the medical side of the USA. And what's even more crazy is that the military doesn't put much funding into developing a tinnitus cure. Yeah, hopefully after Shores device we will be fine.
        Apr 16, 2023
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