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Jun 23, 2023
Mar 14, 2017
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Joanne Philps

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After a balance test have been told the damage is viral, the flight I was on was just coincidental May 30, 2017

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Jun 23, 2023
    1. Logan
      hi, hope you are doing well. i believe i may be having a spike due to amoxicillin but not completely sure. did your spike ever settle down after the meds or no?
    2. IntotheBlue03
      Hey Joanne hope you are well how are u doing now with PPPD? After suffering for 3 mo with severe Tinnitus that’s just calmed down I got the dizziness symptoms following it a week ago. My ENT says PPPD. I am doing Neurofeedback and hope it helps instead of the SSRI he has prescribed.
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      2. Joanne Philps
        Joanne Philps
        Hi, I’m handling the PPPD o.k, I don’t take SSRI’s and fortunately the consultant I saw prefers not to prescribe them ( unlike ENT who signed me off when I refused them) VRT definitely helped and blue light glasses for shops, airports etc, the tinnitus is still screeching as it chooses with no rhyme or reason, that’ll be what sees me off for sure!
        Mar 17, 2022
      3. IntotheBlue03
        Sorry to hear the tinnitus is still bothering you but happy to hear that VRT was a big help!
        Mar 17, 2022
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    3. SuzRene
      Are you on antivirals. My doc believes this is what caused mine. I take antivirals. Hope they help. The t is so loud today. There is a full moon....seemsnto be cyclical.
      1. Joanne Philps
        Joanne Philps
        I don’t take any medication, I saw so many doctors and got so many different diagnosis, Labyrinthitis then Mènières then vestibular migraine then MdDS then PPPD, it’s ridiculous, no one seems to know, so they all signed me off and left me to get on with it basically! 3 years in October
        Aug 15, 2019
    4. Joanne Philps
      Joanne Philps
      After a balance test have been told the damage is viral, the flight I was on was just coincidental
      1. Rubenslash
        Makes sense, never heard of someone being affected like that from a flight.
        May 30, 2017
    5. Joanne Philps
      Joanne Philps
      Hello everyone, I expect like me you don't want to be here but hopefully I can find some help.Thank you
      1. Lex
        Hi Joanne! There are lots of lovely, helpful people here. I wish we all met under different, better circumstances, though!
        Mar 15, 2017
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