Dec 3, 2022
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    1. SharonBell
      Can someone please explain the Susan shore device to me please.
      1. BrOKeN_1
        Beep Beep.. Zap! I'm not the best splainer lol.
        Nov 4, 2023
        Anomalous likes this.
      2. Utdmad89
        Read the thread i shared with you.
        Nov 4, 2023
    2. SharonBell
      My hearing loss is bad like Nicks also. I have a very big difference. They told me they don’t think it’s from medicine they thought it is noise induced for mine. My right ear was a little worse than nicks and they said, I have profound-extended high frequency in that ear. My hairs are damaged. My T is in my head 24/7 it is debilitating.
      1. gameover likes this.
    3. Justwaitinchilin
      Your opinion on Disufenton sodium please? @Jonno02
      1. Jonno02
        Sorry I’m not familiar with it and I’d be lying if I said I had any opinion on it.
        Jun 4, 2023
    4. Justwaitinchilin
      Did I read correctly that you are a R&D chemist? @Jonno02
      1. Jonno02
        Yep, I am.
        Jun 3, 2023
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    5. KoolKat
      Man i hope shore pulls through. ive had this for over a decade and my old life has passed me
      by all my friends have all grown up. ive been stuck like this since 2013. I
      pray and hope to God you never have to deal with this for how long ive had it.
      i say all that to say please stay strong brother.
      1. Jonno02
        I have huge confidence the Shore device will work. You’ve stayed so strong for 10 years you can do another year (hopefully less) before the device launches! You’ve managed to keep going when no treatment was proven to work, there’s a treatment coming that has been proven to work in multiple studies.

        Stay strong, you’ve got this my dude!
        Mar 28, 2023
        KoolKat and tpj like this.
      2. KoolKat
        @Jonno02 My bad bro i didnt see the comment till now, yeah man so far ive been surviving it wasnt easy nor did it come without MAJOR sacrifices. all i kno is that im going to b forever grateful. u too stay strong I want us all alive smiling and thriving after this is all over
        May 7, 2023
        Dorian Pilorge likes this.
      3. Jonno02
        Susan Shore study looking good my man! Hope this has given you a boost!
        Jun 3, 2023
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    Tinnitus Since:
    2012. Worsened 2022.
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    Primarily loud music. Secondary - ETD + TMJ