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Feb 28, 2017
Oct 7, 2015
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joseph Ghass

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Feb 28, 2017
    1. Luciano
      I am getting better and better, and now this protocol is a way of life. You showed the light in a very, very dark period of my life (literally, major depression can be very rough).
      The cool thing, I read various articles and made so much research, and you've already shown the optimal answers.
      How are you these days? Give us a feedback of your protocols if you can, thank you again. (sorry for my bad english)
    2. Luciano
      Hi Joseph, thank you so much for posting over and over about ketogenic dieat, fasting and tools to recover the body. I was in a very bad period of my life, with depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, and tinnitus getting the best of me. You gave me the lead that i needed, i'm so grateful, the diet protocol is helping me in everything, my mind, my tinnitus, my body and my balance.
    3. Stressisbad
      Hi... I am interested in ur protocol. How can i get it?
    4. Sarah Russett
      Sarah Russett
      How has your T been recently?
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    5. joseph Ghass
      joseph Ghass
      40% in 10 months. I need 25 for full recovery.
    6. kiran kumar
      kiran kumar
      How are you now bro.... How much your tinnitus reduced compared to when it was started... Please give a hope
    7. joseph Ghass
      joseph Ghass
      Never quit
      1. kiran kumar likes this.
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