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Dec 3, 2012
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Dec 2, 2016 at 10:56 PM
    1. Markku
      Hi Katarina.
      I remember your HBOT sessions. Time goes by so fast!
      How is your tinnitus nowadays? Did the HBOT help?
      1. Katarina
        I am afraid it didn't. No really. It may have gotten better but then it got worse again. It fluctuates. Something it never did before that fateful Acoustic Reflex Threshold Test. I am glad I gave HBOT a try but I do not think I would do again ... the effect was minimal, if any.
        Sep 23, 2014
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    Tinnitus Since:
    I have had tinnitus for a long time (since I was 11). It came out of nowhere and was a problem only for about a year. It took that long to get used to it. From the age of 12 until 36, I had no problems with my ears - my tinnitus had become part of me. I'd sleep with ear plugs and use my tinnitus almost like my own lullaby.

    Then, in Sept 2011, an unnecessary and uncomfortable exam - the Acoustic Reflext Threshold Test (performed with sounds over 100 Db) - changed the sounds in my head (shifted them from my head to my ears and diversified the tones in each ear). I also developed hyperacusis. Just like this, in those few minutes of the test, my ears have once again became a problem. A problem which I still struggle to manage.

    I tried Gingko and I went through 14 sessions of HBOT with limited success.

    That said, I had had periods, sometimes whole months, in which my tinnitus was not bothering me at nights or during the day. Stress definitely makes my tinnitus worse as does exposure to loud sounds.

    In September 2014, I had an MRI done (on my neck), and this exam, loud and uncomfortable, threw me back to those dark times following the 2011 exam.

    Following the trauma, I had a treatment with a local specialist - 5 weeks of Gingko in high doses and Cavinton (which opens up veins). I definitely experienced some improvement - the fulness in my ears went away and the roaring tinnitus went down.

    Still, as of today, May 2015, I am still struggling with my new acoustic reality: negatively reacting to loud sounds, unable to sleep well at night because of tinnitus, limiting my social life because of my ears, etc etc ..

    Unsurprisingly, anxiety and depression are part of the package.
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