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Apr 19, 2016
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Apr 19, 2016
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    Tinnitus Since:
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    High pitched phantom tinnitus around maybe 12000 Hz. And a secondary tinnitus with a very deep/low humming sound, hearing it when settling in for the night or when waking up.

    Stress is my worst enemy now. Leads to higher tinnitus volume, muscle tension, hallucinations in the olfactory system (diesel exhaust, ammonia and other solvent like smells (trichloroethane)).

    April 2016, got more aware that the tinnitus might also be somatosensory tinnitus. Before I thought it was more a phantom sound. Out of the blue I started experiencing resonance tinnitus. Booked appointment with manual therapist May 2016 (about 14 days up ahead, when this was written).

    Spring 2016, I had a one-time incident with higher blood pressure around 11 pm watching TV. Experienced pulsating tinnitus, that left as fast as my blood pressure went down by itself. Measured a normal blood pressure for a week afterwards.

    Experienced a lot of fatique, and some spells where feeling unable to walk up a hill, and now and then som quite serious dizziness spells. Anxiety, depression, heart block showing up on EKG, that dissappeared in 6 months by itself - had CT-scan of the heart, phantosmia when stressed. On a rare occasion eye migraine. Lots of muscular and joint symptoms. Also had a MRI ruling out things, but they found a milder constricted root canal in the neck spine. Sometimes even the thumb-joint akes, but also many other places around the arm, shoulder, neck, back. Stiff lower back, some smaller pain in hips and knees. Maybe milder plantar fasciites or heal spurs. Tooth wear, wandering head muscle pains, some times mouse arm pains.

    Sleep hygiene: manages mostly to fall asleep. But a seldom now and then I need white noise. Often feeling unrested when waking up. Often waking up with aking joints and pain in the muscles. Have been told that I do snore, but I am not sure how serious it is for my own health. Considering to go to a private sleep clinic, to lease home with me some test equipment.

    Have a decent bed (2000 dollars).

    Aspergers, and therefore a less active lifestyle. Sits a lot in front of the computer.
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