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May 29, 2023 at 6:14 PM
May 1, 2023
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Leon K Fox

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Leon K Fox was last seen:
May 29, 2023 at 6:14 PM
    1. Paul71192
      Anyway, I'm in a similar boat as you with the severe tinnitus and I hope things get better for you
    2. Paul71192
      For me, I have decided to stop using any medication because I fear making my tinnitus worse. But I also sympathize with you about having your sleep greatly interfered with by the tinnitus. Sleep has become extremely difficult for me. A lot of nights I never fall asleep and when I do it seems like it's only for 30 minutes or so. I just feel helpless and trapped.
    3. Paul71192
      But I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts. My severe tinnitus was caused and worsened by medication use. Almost every single medication is ototoxic meaning it has the potential to cause and worsen tinnitus, making it risky. So whatever you decide to do going forward, just be extremely cautious and careful with any medication use.
    4. Paul71192
      I'm taking things one day at a time and trying to be patient and have hope it will get better with time. But it's hard and I just don't know how much longer I can keep fighting. I read in your situation, you don't really have a choice but to continue chemo treatment and hope your tinnitus doesn't get worse.
    5. Paul71192
      Hey I read your post and wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm a similar age as you (30) and have severe reactive tinnitus. 24/7 no escape from it and nothing masks it. I'm having an extremely hard time coping with this and am worried I'll have to suffer like this for the next 40 or 50 years. My quality of life is bad. I hate this tinnitus.
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    6. KoolKat
      @Leon K Fox but having this for so long from your perspective are we entering new uncharted territory with tinnitus progress or no. compared to 2006 do you think we are closer to a cure now then back in the early 2000s.
    7. KoolKat
      @Leon K Fox I just want to say im so sorry brother, we r around the same age and its not fair you
      had this for so long, 2006 is way to long i dont care if it bothered u or not you shouldnt of had
      2 deal with that crap. Anyway im sure you tried hearing aids idk but please hang on
      im hoping susan shore can save us.
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    Tinnitus Since:
    2006 (mild) 24.04.23 (worsening)
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    Noise induced initially, worsened by Cisplatin Chemotherapy