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May 8, 2024
    1. NoelleMargaret
      Hello, hope you are doing well! I've been researching MRI machines like crazy and came across your post about the Canon Vantage Galan 3T. do you think this is the quietest MRI on the market? I've been between the vantage galan 3t and the orian 1.5t. I have to get a bunch of different brain scans and full spine, all with and without contrast. Approximately how many decibels would you say it was inside the machine?
      1. lightning
        Probably the orian 1.5t will be quieter than the 3t galan, but I have never been in the orian before. I repeatedly get full scans of brain and spine with and without contrast, and the noise in the galan has never been an issue. Always comfortable levels. I can't say how many db though. HOWEVER - you MUST use good ear plugs (preferably 33NRR) and learn how to put them in properly. Practice ahead of time!
        Jul 13, 2022
      2. lightning
        Have you found a location with a galan 3t? I'm trying to keep track of where people find them.
        Jul 13, 2022
      3. NoelleMargaret
        Thanks for letting me know! unfortunately I still have not been able to locate a galan 3t anywhere close to me. ive tried calling canon a few more times and they told me to reach out to my insurance. I reached out to my insurance but they said they couldn't locate the exact machine. so frustrating!!
        Jul 14, 2022
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