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Jun 24, 1935 (Age: 82)
3244 Shelby Drive
Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, hypnotist, magician

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M Franzblau MD

Member, Male, 82, from 3244 Shelby Drive

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Jul 6, 2016
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    Jun 24, 1935 (Age: 82)
    3244 Shelby Drive
    Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, hypnotist, magician
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    Full disclosure. I was 81 in June. I am a psychiatrist in practice since 1966.
    I know two things which are absolutely irrefutable.They are, I don't know everything, I am not always right.

    If you continue reading you might be upset.

    I've treated people with Tinnitus and Misophonia since early on in my practice. I use psychotherapy and hypnosis. I am 85% successful.

    Of the 85% one third find their symptoms go away.
    One third find the offending sounds become softer and more manageable.
    One third find the sounds don't change but they don't bother them the way they used to.
    I don't know why the remaining 15% don't improve. I suspect that it is because I haven't understood them or “found the key”.

    Here's what I do. The first session usually lasts about 90 minutes. During that time I ask about the beginning of the problem, their background and their earlier life. I go back to their earliest memories. Then I investigate memories embedded in their organ systems. I investigate what they know about their parents before they were conceived and what they know about their mother's pregnancy, the delivery and the early parenting. This gives them a unique perspective of their lives to the present.

    Learning about the background gives me an understanding about how their mind works and what makes experiences good or bad. Sometimes I can do hypnosis during that first session. Sometimes it takes another appointment. Sometimes I don't do hypnosis at all.
    As you would imagine, if I can determine the essential source of anxiety I can usually do something about it.

    I am a magician and a member of the Magic Castle and sometimes I'll do magic to make a point.

    As a physician I can prescribe medication but rarely do. Medication frequently makes one feel different but has no effect on how one thinks.

    As a psychoanalyst I'm in it for the long haul. But my goal is to get people feeling better and living their lives to the fullest as quickly as possible. My patients are not annuities.

    Oh, one other thing. We all came out of a mother's womb, for better or worse. Women are vitally important to us all.

    I'm interested in your thoughts.
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