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    TMJ, ototoxoxity, ETD, cervical spine misalignment-not sure?
    Hello! I'm new here. I developed tinnitus in February, got it off and on for about a month then it became constant. I got hyperacusis in January, so I went to my ENT, he felt around my jaw and I was diagnosed with TMJD. At the time he asked me "Do you have ringing in your ears?" I said "No, none at all". Then a few weeks later I developed tinnitus but it was only intermittently. After the intermittent period for about a month, I got it constant. Two audiologists think it's from my temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which I have had severely to the point where I couldn't talk. Since my TMJ caused H, which for the most part went away but still there residually, I'm wondering if my TMJ could have caused T. I have been to three concerts in my life, all years ago when I was a teenager. I never listen to loud music, as I am a Speech-Language Pathologist student and understand how delicate the ears are... I'm wondering if once I address my TMJ issues if Tinnitus might go away. Even if it doesn't, I know I can habituate. I have faith that whatever outcome there may be, I will be okay... My dad has had tinnitus since he was a teenager and he said he can hear it anywhere if he thinks about it, but it doesn't bother him. My aunt has tinnitus after an ear surgery and it's never effected her life other than the first month, and one of my professors has tinnitus but it doesn't bother him at all. Interesting thing is that I had no idea any of these people had tinnitus until I told them my situation! Having all these people in my life, an awesome therapist, TRT, hope, and lots of love, I know I will be okay :)