Martin B
Nov 7, 2017
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    Tinnitus Since:
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    Acoustic trauma
    I thought I could write a short summary of my story:

    Maybe as a therapeutic action for myself but also as glimmer of hope for anyone who have just started on the journey.

    I have never been working in a noisy environment, neither have I been going to loud music venues. And I took my hearing in many ways for granted.

    However, in July 2016 I was doing some carpentry work at home, and a long story short, managed to get a very loud bang close to my left ear. With no protection.

    I felt right away that something happened inside my ear. Two weeks later I had a consultation at an ENT. My left ear has a 70 dB drop above 3khz. My right ear is fairly normal for my age, I’m 53 now.

    I started to develop a severe tinnitus in my left ear. My hearing was affected, all voices and music was distorted and reduced.

    I must admit it drove me just mad. I couldn’t sleep properly, even the smallest tasks became daunting. I quit my hobby of singing in a local choir. I was developing a depression.

    My girlfriend tried to support me but it was difficult for her to understand what was going on. If someone had tried to explain to me how severe tinnitus can hit you prior to my trauma, I very much doubt I would have grasped the magnitude.

    After two months of this I basically collapsed and was admitted to hospital. I was given anti-depressive and different types of sleeping pills. With the help of chemicals I managed to get some sleep again and relax enough to handle my own situation. I went to TRT sessions and slowly was getting myself back on my feet.

    Now, two years on I’m maybe more sad over the loss of hearing than the actual tinnitus. Even though it is always loudly present and I must admit it really kicks me sometimes.

    But yes, it is possible to live and live well with tinnitus.

    I have two advice:

    1: Protect your hearing against excessive noise.
    2: Seek professional help before things get too far, by that I mean people who specialize on tinnitus.