Apr 18, 2022
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    1. SharonBell
      The ENT did a regular speech test and it was good. My tinnitus was so bad they sent me to Tinnitus clinic. They did a higher speech frequency test up to 20,000. They said, my right ear was 10,000 severe-profound extended high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus and left ear was mild at 16k.
    2. SharonBell
      In 2022 I got tinnitus again and wasn’t as sick as the first time I remember telling my husbands sister I was ok if only the buzzing would go away. The tinnitus went away again. I got Tinnitus again in 2023, no Covid this time. It was worse ringing at night and during the day. I went to Dr. In September.
    3. SharonBell
      I never got Covid shots. I actually had Covid very bad in 2021 and got ringing in my ears just at night. I was so sick at the time I worked at the hospital, so I went in and got the Covid antibodies.The next day I felt a little better and kept feeling better each day and finally got my taste and smell back.The tinnitus went away. I never knew what it was at the time.
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