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    previous ear infection
    This is my first post. I have had tinnitus all my life which is and has been bearable. Sometimes when I have had ear problems then I noticed by tinnitus to be louder but otherwise I can handle it.

    However, after this last Christmas, I noticed a pulsating, whooshing sound loud noise coming from my left ear. It was alarming and very distracting especially in the time before trying to fall asleep and when I first woke up. I would hear it all the time and it was unbearable!

    I knew only about tinnitus and never heard before of pulsating tinnitus PT or vascular tinnitus. I found the condition but not much else about how to treat it or diminish it.

    At first, I thought I had developed PT because maybe I had some impacted ear wax next to the drum as I have always had a problem with impacted ear wax. However, when I went to the doctor there wasn't any earwax near the drum. The doctor also said the pulsating noise in my ear was just caused by my moderately high BP but I didn't think so.

    So, I looked online for answers and came across this support group. I am not sure if I read it here or elsewhere about trying magnesium and gingko biloba to help relieve or lessen PT. I am happy to say after daily taking magnesium and gingko for 4 weeks, I noticed improvement after 3 weeks and it seems like it is completely gone to my great relief.

    I feel really blessed to go back to normal and I really sympathetic to those who have had this condition for years without relief. I noticed that when I had the pulsating tinnitus, I did not have my regular tinnitus but that has since returned. Also, I had a bad case of airplane ear due to an ear infection 6 months earlier which might not have healed or predisposed me for PT.