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Feb 5, 2013
Oct 10, 2012
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Feb 5, 2013
    1. Andy
      Thanks rosie if you go no this forum 5 weeks form now you will here the same story but from a different
      person and yes this site is a help ( I am down but not out ) thanks again
      1. okrosie likes this.
    2. Andy
      Your right they are a lot of people in sad situations I see it every day in theatre may be thats why i am taking this so badly I no how it ends, so I just can t kid myself on, but I will try and distract it and if you can do so can I enjoy the site ok rosie take care
    3. Andy
      yer that would be great may be some day hopefully but its a good though Thanks
    4. Andy
      Hi okrosie Nice taking to I Thing the only people who understand This thing called T is people who are afflicted buy it I went out and got some piriton to try To help me sleep with a pair of big ear phones and soft music. What's this like and hie we all lose the plot sum time but just go out side and scream it cheaper I m worrying all the time so what do I know!
    5. Andy
      Hi there just a wee note to say thanks as you I know what your saying but I am on the floor just now holding on thank you again
      1. okrosie likes this.
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