Nov 29, 2014
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Smile :) Nov 10, 2015

    1. KoolKat
      october 2007 wow that was my last year trick or treating smh. whenever i look back at mine or other peoples tinnitus induced dates n if its pre 2013 i get so depressed. Like holy shit its been that long since we've had a normal lives. i can remember exactly my life in 07 and it sucks that u had this back then when you should of been enjoying life. ever since i got tinnitus Life has been a BLUR.
      1. OptimusPrimed
        such an annoyance man; before this I loved life, I mean I still love life but it isnt as fun when you are constantly suffering. lots of ppl are exposed to noise and dont develop it; we just got unlucky. A positive attitude makes a big difference, the symptoms worsen with stress and depression
        Apr 20, 2023
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    2. KoolKat
      You had this since 2007? for real? if so my sympathies bro. jesus christ.
      i got multiple tones noise induced too. hopefully shores device cures us both
      and we can go on restoring our lives that was stolen from us. Curious what you plan
      on doing if susans device works?
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      2. OptimusPrimed
        i was 22,hunting with my brother and didnt wear plugs, I brought them and when i went to put them in he rushed me and told me to put them in after one bird. well, we got it and i forgot to put them in after my ears were never the same after.
        Apr 20, 2023
      3. OptimusPrimed
        I live in Canada so it could be many years before I get a chance at SS device. I am also willing to try psilocybin therapy and other , as it seems that it gets worse as time goes on.
        Apr 20, 2023
    3. Toby1972
      Hi there,
      you also reported a scam product (Liam Boehm). I tried the ForgTin, it's really expensive (449 Euros), absolutely useless product, definitely a scam.
      www.forgtin.com (google: "pansatori gmbh" for reviews)
      Now the company owner, Klaus GrĂ¼bl, has lots of fake google 5 stars reviews written.
      Can you help him get fair 1 star ratings?
      Thanks very much!
      Best regards,
    4. OptimusPrimed
    5. OptimusPrimed
      Tinnitus with moderate hyperacusis (broken speaker) in right ear...
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