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Mar 23, 2016
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Ate some salty foods last night and got a spike. And just drank some coffee. I think I will die. May 25, 2016

Poyraz was last seen:
Jun 5, 2016
    1. Cal18
      I noticed you have benzo induced T, over the past couple of days when I experienced a spike, I took an l-Theanine and it seemed to go down a little. Wondering if you tried it, I believe different things for different types of T. Just thought I would share - please let me know if anything happens if you decide to try it.
    2. Poyraz
      Ate some salty foods last night and got a spike. And just drank some coffee. I think I will die.
      1. Blackbird26
        It will pass :)
        May 25, 2016
      2. Poyraz
        I hope it will soon. I can honestly say that cicadas are having a harcore party in my head tonight. Damn creatures
        May 25, 2016
      3. Blackbird26
        I know it sucks. I always pretend it's a summer night when they visit ;)
        May 26, 2016
    3. Poyraz
      Well, I'm f*cked up.
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    4. Poyraz
      I'm broke. Maybe that's why I will be never able to get cured.
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      3. Richard zurowski
        Richard zurowski
        The saying is true. Money can't by you health.
        Apr 6, 2016
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      4. Sailboardman
        The old adage, "when you have your health you have everything." echoes in my mind daily. I'd rather be homeless without T, than rich with it.
        Apr 6, 2016
      5. Sarah Russett
        Sarah Russett
        It's not impossible to have remission. Tinnitus is not always permanent. But time is the only cure that exists as of yet. Not being anxious also helps. But you might have hidden hearing loss. And there is nothing that works for everybody.
        Apr 6, 2016
    5. Poyraz
      I gir flu and now suddenly I developed this clicking sound in my T free ear when I swallow. What is this?
      1. Blackbird26
        possible damage from flu...happened to me many moons ago..more of a crackle though. Still have it.
        Mar 30, 2016
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