Mar 28, 2021
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Diagnosed with glossopharyngeal neuralgia -- so I've never had a middle ear infection, but this rare disorder! Not sure it affects tinnitus. Feb 14, 2022

    1. racedy
      Diagnosed with glossopharyngeal neuralgia -- so I've never had a middle ear infection, but this rare disorder! Not sure it affects tinnitus.
    2. racedy
      1. Damocles
        Article is okay.

        Highlights COVID "vaccine" injury, but plays the numbers down.

        Also adds to COVID-19 sensationalism by quoting US death toll, without specifying the variants responsible, and omitting that "omicron's" lethality is half that of it's antecedents.
        Jan 3, 2022
    3. racedy
      My dog barking is way worse than the dentist drill. So happy I know what to expect from now on. And that I did not need a root canal
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    4. racedy
      Molar cavity filling success! Xanax saves. NC phones made it worse on side being drilled, better without. Took breaks when I wanted. < 80 db
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    5. racedy
      Dentist found a cavity. Xanax time! Even w/ all the precautions w/ understanding dentist, best bet is to keep brain from getting too excited
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    6. racedy
      Hope y'all are having a lovely weekend. I'm going on vacation from T and H! Every so often T takes a vacation from me, but H is a workaholic
    7. racedy
      Kids are screaming, so I scream w/ them. Seems to cancel them out and help with H. Vocalizing as a protective mechanism around loud sounds?
    8. racedy
      When it's actually raining outside at bedtime, and with satisfaction I think triumphantly, "I dont need my masking soundtrack tonite" Bahaha
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    9. racedy
      every so often i think "wow my T is really coming on strong right now." then I realize it's the fridge and feel immense relief
    10. racedy
      preschoolers with microphones -- what could go wrong?! (thankfully, only got up to 80db according to my apple watch)
    11. racedy
      Sending good thoughts to you all before I go to bed and put on my 8 hrs of rain sounds, knowing I'm not alone with my nightly masking ritual
    12. racedy
      Heating garlic right after mincing destroys the enzyme needed to create allicin. Similar to what happens with sulforaphane and broccoli.
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    13. racedy
      To maximize allicin in garlic, press (or mince or chop or crush) then rest for 10 minutes before cooking. If you eat it raw, no need to wait
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    14. racedy
      For people unsure about NAC: garlic-derived allicin has been shown to increase glutathione concentrations.
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    15. racedy
      My therapist and my meditation teacher both have had tinnitus for decades. I was able to meditate for first time since my spike. Confidence.
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      2. racedy
        @Rb86 THere are some methods that seems to work for my teachers and me 1) using the sound as object of concentration and just noting it as sound and hearing. If you start getting annoyed, note that you are annoyed. Note that maybe you are attached to something, like the idea of it being quiet. Is it the tinnitus that is really causing you suffering, or your reaction to the tinnitus?
        Apr 29, 2021
      3. racedy
        @Rb86 2) guided meditations! these always help me 3) use a masking sound to add contrast 4) Use other senses -- can open eyes and became aware of seeing, objects, etc. 5) chanting a sutta or reciting something (like a mantra) 6) loving-kindness meditation (this helps me a lot -- to have more compassion for myself, others) 7) body scans 8) meditating on gratitude
        Apr 29, 2021
      4. racedy
        @Rb86 please let me know if all this makes sense...and I'm sure there are some things that my teacher suggested that I forgot. The meditation practices are consistent with Vipassana meditation. My therapist is a mindfulness based stress reduction teacher and also practices Vipassana meditation, which is what resolved his tinnitus for him (he still has it from an accident, but it's neutral to him)
        Apr 29, 2021
    16. racedy
      Always use fluoride toothpaste or rinse to prevent cavities. Fluoride is so effective it can treat cavities - I had it done, no drilling
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    17. racedy
      Dental cleaning went well. No xanax or ear protection needed. Hygienist manually scaled, no polishing tool. I had control over suction tube.
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    18. racedy
      Listening to music to reduce my H reactivity. When I'm into it I'm less sensitive. Guitar solos are a good test. Thank you John Frusciante!
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    19. racedy
      Box breathing and 4-7-8 breathing. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces stresses. The best medicine for me!
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