Rick Garner
Apr 3, 2017
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    1. MarkX
      Hi Rick. Are you still active here? Is you T still gone?
    2. Emre1245
      Hi Rick,

      I have T since 1,5 months my ent diagnoses me wish ETD. I am worried because even wen i can pop my ears sometimes (my ears still feel clogged, but mess) i can Still hear my T as before.
      Was that also your case ?
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      2. Emre1245
        Also, what was the nature of your spikes ?
        May 16, 2018
      3. Rick Garner
        Rick Garner
        1.5 months is way too short period to clear up tinnitus. You have to give it a lot of time, may be 6 to 12 months or even longer. For some people it takes 18 to 24 months to clear up. In my case, my tinnitus just became a hiss after 3 months, and continued for another 3 months, I never had spikes. It went away after 6 months . Your tinnitus may go away or may not. But you will get used to it in the long run.
        May 20, 2018
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      4. Rick Garner
        Rick Garner
        I am sorry for your suffering. Just hang in there , and have positive hopes.
        May 20, 2018
    3. paganismos
      Hi! I have read your story and know you were diagnosed with ETD. My T is not ETD caused, but seven days ago my ears started cracking everytime I swallow, and my ears feel full (but my hearing is not affected). Did you had those symptoms?
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      2. Rick Garner
        Rick Garner
        Hello! I am sorry for your suffering. Not really but I had decreased hearing in my left ear due to ear wax build up.
        Mar 20, 2018
      3. DaveRicho
        I have exactly this as well. Did you ever find a solution or reason?
        May 21, 2022
    4. Elbert
      Okey i will read it I would just like to know is your tinnitus completely gone ? No ringing , no hissing and do you smoke cigs sorry just curious
      1. Rick Garner
        Rick Garner
        Yes, I don't hear anything in my ears, complete silence. I don't smoke, never have but I am a diabetic.
        Jun 23, 2017
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    5. Elbert
      Hi rick i just wanted to know how long it took your tinnitus to go away and if you also had the hissing along with yhe ringing and did you also expirience spikes ?
      1. Rick Garner
        Rick Garner
        Hi Elbert, It took 5 and a half months to stop my tinnitus. , I actually had hissing and high pitched tone, not ringing. I advice you to read my thread in success stories section, and I have written the full story there. Your tinnitus is so new, hang in there. I guarantee it will get better after 3~ 4 months.
        Jun 22, 2017
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