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Light at the end of a very dark tunnel Jun 11, 2016

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Sep 17, 2016
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      Light at the end of a very dark tunnel
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    Possibly ETD
    Hi everyone, this support site has been so important to me since I started with hearing problems approx 2 months ago...this is a positive post...I woke up 2 months ago partially deaf in my right ear, after a week this changed and my hearing became "tinny" and voices sounded distorted then the tinnitus started it was like a light saber constantly buzzing responsive to other sounds really loud, panic set in, I lost about 10lbs, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, extreme anxiety developed thinking this was forever and my life has changed...I was back and forth to docs who diagnosed ETD and said it can take months to clear, I was devastated, felt like I was literally going insane with the constant noise in my ear, was prescribed diazepam and bought a fan to keep on all night to mask the sound, over the following weeks the tinnitus was constant then started to fluctuate with a siren ringtone aswell, it is week 8 and it has become more and more intermittent thank god, what has helped me the most is steam and heat compressed directly on ear, actifed, guaifenesin, quercetin complex and a combination of magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, cod liver oil, cayenne pepper capsules and papaya enzyme which helps to thin mucus and litres of fluids and most of all getting my extreme anxiety under control, it's been the worst time of my life but I'm finally seeing light at end of tunnel and hope and pray the tinnitus will completely go. I still feel like my ears are slightly blocked and have massive trouble popping them so have bought an ear popper but am a bit frightened to use it incase it makes things worse....think I'm being silly and need to man up as I did try it cautiously and it seemed to help, sorry to ramble on but I just wanted to post something positive....I think my ETD all came from a bad sinus infection when I was blowing my nose all the time extremely hard and all the gunk shifted into my ears, I also think I might suffer from dust allergies and will be looking into this further, I just hope and pray I'm over the worst and if it happens again hopefully I will be prepared as I have never had problems with my ears in my life!
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