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May 22, 2019
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    1. Ruse
      Strange that say 15dB of hearing loss is not considered to be hearing loss. Why this is overlooked for tinnitus is beyond me.
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    2. Ruse
      People actually now think that the Lenire testimonials are paid actors. Can't tell if serious.
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      3. Michael Leigh
        Michael Leigh
        A lot of people do not realise: Doctors, Audiologists, Hearing Therapists are qualified medical professionals in Audiology and all matters to do with hearing and the auditory system. However, this does not make them tinnitus Specialists. It doesn't matter how many Phds, MDs and BAs they have after their name it doesn't mean they are experts in tinnitus.
        Nov 4, 2019
      4. OnceUponaTime
        Oh, I know who you are talking about now @Michael Leigh . I do feel sad that that happened. Ughh. Makes me sick to my stomach. I probably have noise induce tinnitus and now this is making me think twice about Le nire.
        Nov 4, 2019
      5. Michael Leigh
        Michael Leigh
        The videos on the Lenire website are very impressive and I can understand the reasons a person wants to try it. If things go wrong and the tinnitus increases, you are on your own!
        Nov 4, 2019
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    3. Ruse
      What is the science behind alcohol reducing your tinnitus? There is a definite volume reduction for me after 2-3+ pints
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      2. HeavyMantra
        GABA I think?
        Oct 27, 2019
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    4. Ruse
      Think I may be looking forward to the new Lenire interview more than my birthday...
      1. Phendran
        To me that makes a lot of sense.
        Oct 21, 2019
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    5. Ruse
      Reading conspiracy theories about Neuromod on an Internet forum seems to be what my life has amounted to
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      3. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        What's the theory?
        Sep 22, 2019
      4. Ruse
        @Bill Bauer A little tongue in cheek but it seems every other page there's someone spouting baseless conjecture about it all being a scam...
        Sep 22, 2019
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      5. Michael Leigh
        Michael Leigh
        There are a lot of people that are impressed with medical professionals promoting Neuromond and eager to try it. It is a lot of money to spend on something that could make people with noise induced tinnitus worse. I know one person this has happened to.
        Nov 5, 2019
    6. Ruse
      Tinnitus quietest it’s ever been today. Can’t tell if I just got lucky or the curcumin & NAD cocktail is taking effect.
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    7. Ruse
      Big spike today. In line with my ear being full of wax - has anyone ever had this before?
    8. Ruse
      TMJ / ear pain seems to have settled down significantly 3.5 months from onset. Fingers crossed!
      1. Candy
        How did your t start?
        Jul 4, 2019
      2. Ruse
        @Candy Sorry only just seen your comment now! The trigger for me was probably headphone usage (high frequency hearing loss at 8khz+) plus TMJ issues
        Jul 24, 2019
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