Sep 3, 2020
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    1. defender
      My brother also has it. How did yours happen?
      1. NYCGuy likes this.
      2. SaraK18
        my brother has it also! but to a lesser degree. mine happened from a heavy wooden bench lid slamming shut a couple feet away from me. (my brother's was from an alarm going off)
        Jul 16, 2022
    2. defender
      I am very interested in holistic medicine, it is very beneficial for health. I think my injury was due to several accidents with loud noise , the first an explosion from a bicycle tire and the second music headphones . I am inclined to think that we are people predisposed to have hearing problems, most of the people around me are fine and we are only a very small percentage to whom this happens.
      1. NYCGuy and sakrt like this.
      2. SaraK18
        Sorry that happened to you. Agreed, as with most things, there seems to be a genetic link and then something turns the gene mutation "on".
        Jul 16, 2022
    3. defender
      Wauu, LOS ANGELES... won't you be some Hollywood star? ha, ha, ha, just kidding...Are you working right now? I'm disabled because of that. I am a lawyer but at the moment I cannot do my job.
      1. JPGL likes this.
      2. SaraK18
        haha nooooo hollywood for me. I am a holistic medicine clinician. My office is relatively quiet and peaceful so I am able to work, cautiously. I'm sorry to hear you aren't able to work at the moment. How did your injury happen?
        Jun 22, 2022
        sakrt likes this.
    4. defender
      Barcelona and Madrid are the best cities to live the crazy life when you are young, in the situation we find ourselves in now it would be suicide to get into those big cities. I live in a small town near Madrid. Until now I am finding the balance of being able to coexist with the noise but sometimes it gets difficult. How do you manage on a day to day basis?
      1. JPGL and NYCGuy like this.
      2. SaraK18
        With great difficulty, bc I live in Los Angeles. I have moved to a quieter part of the city due to this injury. Even so, harley motorcycles and modified exhaust cars are a consistent problem.
        Jun 18, 2022
        BrOKeN_1 likes this.
    5. defender
      Low level laser, I've never heard of that. I'm glad you're getting good results. You also have an earache? I thought you were from Spain because of your name, many girls here are called Sara. I do live in Spain. do you like Spain ?
      1. JPGL, NYCGuy, SaraK18 and 1 other person like this.
      2. SaraK18
        I love Spain, I considered moving to Barcelona a couple years ago.
        I don't have an earache, but I had occasional sharp pain post injury.
        Jun 15, 2022
    6. defender
      Hi Sara ,

      First of all, I wish you that you are better after the consultation you had with that supposed expert in hyperacusis.

      you are from Spain ?
      1. SaraK18
        Thank you! I am feeling better now. I started using a low level laser at home about 2 weeks ago. It seems to be helping. I wish I was from Spain! I'm in the US. How about you?
        Jun 11, 2022
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