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Looking for hope and a way to cope- T will not win Dec 15, 2015

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Nov 1, 2017
    1. Snoopy
      Looking for hope and a way to cope- T will not win
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    pet groomer
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    work related - large cage dryers
    my life has changed because of tinnitus and its 'friends' - I have accepted that but I so wish you could hear what I hear so you to could understand that because of T and H - I may have to say no to that holiday party, concert, movie or hockey game. And I may not talk or hear like I used to. Share this page with your family and friends and hopefully we can all help them understand a little better what our daily struggle is like. Learning to live with T is daily game of trial and error. What situation will cause the next spike? What food will cause my ears to hear that dentist drill in my head again? This page is to share info but also hopefully to bring a smile or laugh to your day. :) God bless
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