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Feb 7, 2017
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    Feb 2nd
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    Amoxicillin pill
    Hi guys I'm 12 year old Vanderlae Papeqaush, I believe my some type of ear infection caused this. The doctor said I had a throat and ear infection but I didn't feel pain in the throat, The ear was plugged and hurting one night. (Fast forward) I went to the doctors and they said I needed a nebuliser, I also had a cough for a week. (Fast Forward) On the 3rd night of taking my medicaition Which I will tell you whatI needed Apo-Amox 500mg red and yellow. As I got off the nebuliser I began to hear ringing. I went to bed and acted like it wasn't harmful or I didn't need to worry, Anyways (Fast Forward) 3 days later the ringing is still there. Is there a way this can be healed? I am very scared of this but aslo I am learning to mask the sounds although in quiet rooms I can hear it, I don't know but does anyone know if this will get better?