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Jul 25, 2016
Oct 22, 2015
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October 12th 2015 and still going... Feb 10, 2016

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Jul 25, 2016
    1. Welsh_Mitch
      October 12th 2015 and still going...
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      2. Sailboardman
        Just in my car, to help mask. Not sure of SSHL. Might have been viral or what they call an ear stroke. Had some issues with pulsing in my ear years before, when I heard certain sounds. My left ear is ok. Also, I used earbuds and headphones for years, plus power tools, etc. Although, that doesn't explain how my left ear escaped damage? How bout you?
        Feb 12, 2016
      3. Welsh_Mitch
        I think it was noise damage but my ears keep clicking and feel blocked so maybe its ETD or a jaw problem? I won't know for another 5 months because it takes ages for an appointment here. How do you get on day to day? I like to make music but I find that the ear problems strain this greatly.
        Feb 16, 2016
      4. Sailboardman
        Day to day is a roller coaster ride. Yesterday was one of the quietest days I've ever had, but these days are few and far between. Although, I've been having more of them lately. I use the BTS method, you may have seen here? "Back to silence." it may have some worth? To soon to tell. Vinpocetine & NAC, does help me though. Have an audiogram done when you get to an ENT.
        Feb 16, 2016
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