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Apr 18, 2016
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    Noise-induced (possibly exacerbated by stress and ototoxicity)
    Hi everyone. I'm new here, so nice to meet you all!

    In late Novemeber 2015, I went for a run whilst listening to (loud) techno through earbuds. After the run had finished, I noticed that the hearing in my left ear was muffled and sounded weird. However, my hearing seemed to be fine by the next evening, so I kind of forgot about it. In hindsight, I realise this was stupid, but I was going through a very stressful time in my life and so wasn't thinking all that clearly!

    Eight weeks after the running incident, I noticed that I have tinnitus and also noticed a fullness in my left ear. In addition, some things sound louder than usual and have a weird high-pitched resonance -- I guess this is mild hyperacusis. Thankfully, my tinnitus isn't too loud, but I have two sounds. One sounds like a computer hard drive in my left ear, and the other sounds like a high-pitched whine in my brain.

    Although I haven't posted yet, this forum has been a huge help to me thus far, so thanks everyone!
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