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    Ex Musician
    Tinnitus Since:
    september 2016
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    dr wilden lllt
    I'll try to make this short,but it's not.I?m 56 years old,I've been a musician and producer for more than 40 years.Over this time i had suffered very slight hearing loss ,more in my right ear,occasional tinnitus after loud gigs,but i always ignored it and it faded within a day or two,so no problems with it.

    I moved to Ibiza in july 2016,and met dr Wilden (not a doctor)who offered me free treatment,i didn't really have any problem,but he said it would improve my hearing,so i thought i'd try.i went for the first session,and he said he would put his small machine at full strength and do for double the normal time,so 20 mins per the end of 20 mins,my ears were hot.i went to a jam session that night,and noticed all the sounds were very harsh,but stayed the night and went for another session the next morning.again,full strength for 20 mins,my ears were hot,and on my right ear i took it out after 17 minutes because it was really uncomfortable.i was already suspicious a bit about the choice of wax earplugs he gave me,but was using my sponge ones when i got home that day i noticed immediately that i had tinnitus.and it didn't stop.

    The next week,i returned to the same place the jams were held,met dr lutz (NAD)and quite politely said i was having a problem.He immediately exploded,saying i "just have to believe in the treatment."i replied that,i believed my experience.The T was uncomfortable but not very loud,a constant but quiet buzzing in my left ear,but lots of random high pitched squeaks in my right ear.Again i saw dr Lutz the next week and challenged him about my condition.his response was "nyar nyar nyar,you're always complaining!"I was so shocked and disgusted by this response,that i realized it was impossible to communicate with him about it any more.between then,sept 2016 and the following february,i did very little about it.i carried on making music,(quietly) and just hoped it would go away.

    By February 2017 i realized i had to do something.I'm a qualified thai masseur,and energy healer (or had been) so i started gently by working on my energy,and the acupressure points around my ears.No change for the few weeks i was only doing this.then it turned out,a friend there was doing energy work so i asked him to help,the short session seemed to make it worse,this was just the beginning of my hell.
    So,the next thing was two sessions of bio magnetic resonance treatment.may or help,it just changed the places in my head a bit.over that summer, i got back into tai chi/chi gung to try to keep me relaxed and try to keep positive.I was still playing at some events,but struggling with the T all the time.I don't remember doing much else,until an acupuncture and chiropractic session in december,,(no improvement)and then 2 cupping and acupuncture sessions the next march,two sessions,which evened out the noise,it had been a high pitch whistle in the top left of my head, with a lower pitch in my right ear.and this mostly changed to one pitch in the whole of the front of my head,with less of the random squeaking in my right,still crazy,but in a sense,slightly easier to live with.but it was still very loud.

    By this time,there were times when it was like a jet turbine in my head at 10, or a train with locked wheels screeching down the tracks,at 10 (25?) a steam whistle, all day.truly distressing,louder than any other sounds as it would get louder to keep up with surrounding noise.Someone in the house gave me a reiki session which again seemed to make it louder,and the self healing energy sessions,and chi gung also didn't help,mainly because i couldn't get my attention away from the T,so it was frustrating.Nowadays it seems to help a little..I also tried another acupuncturist,along with chinese medicine,..she worked on everything except my ears,because of the over reaction i had suffered from the first acupuncture,no obvious improvement from the herbs though.

    I was living near a club,so had that noise all night in my tipi that summer and on the other side is a main road,and a cement truck yard,where the sounds of clanging metal can happen all not a good environment,also jam sessions at the house every week which by this time i was having to avoid and wear ear defenders everywhere.i saw my life as a musician start to fall this time.

    At some point,i saw an ENT,who basically told me to get used to it,and prescribed me a ginko extract which i can't take anyway due to a previous heart attack.for the same reasons,not possible to use ginseng or golden seal root.

    I was also experimenting with supplements and other things. ACV,pycnogenol,(no improvement) helichrisom oil magnesium,a year of only veg juices for breakfast,zinc,castor oil ear drops,chaga mushroom,moringa tea,tulsi powder tea,homeopathy (info off the web)most things on youtube (none from you tube seemed to work)urine ear drops,(i stopped that pretty quick)CBD oil (i read a study where it might aggravate the problem,but being a lifelong smoker and totally stressed out by this time,i started anyway) I also did a first 3 weeks of microdosing with mushrooms which helped me de-stress somewhat.It allowed me to de focus on the noise and accept it a bit.

    I don't remember exactly when,but i had a few sessions with an advanced scenar,(no noticeable change)and some electronic ear acupuncture equipment,that WAS a bad idea,too long on that and it spiked and stayed spiked for some months.

    then in the summer, a couple more sessions with a different person of bio resonance,the first one including a hypnotism help,the second session made it worse when he was flicking through frequencies,and it stayed bad for a long time (months),so i stopped outside treatments for a while.microdosed again for a few weeks that autumn.

    What made it worse,...loud noised obv,music,singing,wine,some foods,like cheese,egg,pasta,taking flights..more to add in edit...

    what made it better, (in the morning,not in the afternoon)showers,eating crunchy food,brushing teeth,being in a tiled room,(eg kitchen or bathroom)the sound of the coffee machine,fridge,the sound of cicadas in the summer stopped me from going crazy,it can be almost identical except slightly lower in pitch than my T,so although the sound is similar,it's outside my head for 6 months of the year instead of inside,long live cicadas!waves.meditation of following the sound in my head,relaxing my ears from any pressure.chanting an old mantra at a whisper in my head, the sound of running water,using a 40 Htz flashing light without sound,changing my acoustic environment,eg changing from indoors to outdoors,or to different rooms etc.Coughing.Eventually i discovered the shunya mudra for hearing and tinnitus,I wasn't sure at first,(perhaps from overdoing it) but now use it nearly everyday,it gradually releases pressure after about 10 minutes of use when the T is really bad.also,i met an amazing woman,and having sex helped a lot.during sex was the first few times it was quiet and i forgot about it for a while.(lucky me)I think Chamomile tea can help a little perhaps.

    I had 2 sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber,but it didn't seem to help,far too long after onset.

    Obviously,as a musician who can't hear properly for such a stupid decision as to try this treatment,i've been in a state of hopeless despair many times during these years,apart from the noise destroying my daily life,my life with meditation,and the whole thing destroying my life as a musician.All the times i've been hopeful that something would help and then it didn't has felt like extra destruction on has not been easy to keep either my sanity or my hope alive in these last years.

    I thought the ear popping might be helping but realized it wasn't really good to do a lot,now i only do it when the sound is so monotonous and i have to change it.

    Dr lutz (not a real doctor)was also coming to the jam sessions at the house,and i had been ghosting (ignoring) him all the time,so one time,i pass him by and he says "why all the bad energy?" so,in a very controlled way, i went right up to his face,and said"you've destroyed my life you motherf****r,i have a constant noise in my head,you said i was the best singer you'd heard and now i can't sing at all,you're lucky i don't sue you,this is my home and you can't come here anymore" (etc)he tried to argue,saying he had a right to attend the jams,but i repeated that it was my home,and not a public space.I also threatened him with sitting outside his treatment space all day to put of any customers,at which point he left.i think he came one more time and i ignored him and he didn't come back.(i have witnesses to the incident,i wasn't physically aggressive ,but i wasn't about to let him abuse me in my home.)so he got into a discussion with my housemates via messaging,where he complained that i hadn't completed the treatment and he would give me more free treatments.HA! he must think i'm way i was about to do that obv.
    Honestly,if my brain hadn't been so fucked from the constant noise,i was about 80% incapacitated,i would have sued him.but every time it got a tiny bit better i just hoped it would stop and i could move on,so I've done nothing,and still think i should.

    I wish i had done more research,on looking deeper,i found in his literature that the treatment can induce tinnitus before going supposedly away in about a when he tried to gaslight me,saying he thought i had mental problems,that it was all a problem in my brain (incredible,since his original pitch is that tinnitus is a problem of the ears and not the brain)and basically refusing to take any responsibility for what the treatment had done to me,i really truly understood that he is a quack and a pathological liar.He is really not qualified to comment on my mental health,especially as his treatment was actually the cause of my stress!Talk about adding actual insult to actual injury.In my opinion, it really shows what kind of a leech he is.He is experimenting on people without knowing the underlying causes of their problems,and without knowing what his treatment will or will not achieve.

    I have met one person in Ibiza who said it helped him,but have met more who have either been disappointed,or directly suffered as a result of his machines.

    Through all of this,it is evident that the original treatment seriously hurt my hearing,I think it basically cooked my ears,causing inflammation,and perhaps some skin burning and hair cell destruction.i had adjusted over the years to various losses,but now it was impossible to be in a jam,all the sounds mushed up and it was impossible to tell what was going on.the left ear is now far worse than the right which was always a bit worse,but both have seriously deteriorated very quickly the shunya mudra may be helping a bit.certainly i'm not so sensitive to loud noises anymore,and can hear conversation more or less normally.but i still don't listen to any music,as that spikes it almost immediately.

    so where was i...oh yes,moved to a quieter house, then 2020 happens,I started on lions mane mushrooms to help my brain,and for their anti viral properties.still having a lot of trouble.

    I also started on melatonin 1.9mg which is helping as my sleep has been destroyed for years.

    I also managed to get personalized homeopathy remedy from a homeopath doctor who knows me well.i did that until the bottle was finished,and another one more focused on the tinnitus starting at about october when i started the weird massages (more on that later)

    I had pretty much stopped playing any instruments by now,but now i stopped completely,no guitar,nothing.I finally ground to a halt musically.

    In spring,I had a couple of sessions of reiki with my housemates girlfriend,no improvement.As my last desperate hope i get in touch with an old friend who had given me remote reiki before and asked her to help,so every sunday evening,she sent me reiki from Cyprus,and i really noticed the changes happening, itchiness movements in my brain,sometimes the connection was so strong i froze up and couldn't relax,but other times i was able to receive it very well and help it along with my own work.At the same time,i was going to another friend for energy/ healing/therapy sessions,once a week which was helpful with keeping me going.this is summer 2020 and i'm finally starting to feel some relief.

    I can feel it stopping in my right ear sometimes so it's just in the left again,and half the volume,this comes and goes,like a steam tap being closed,then i just have a high pitched whistle in the top left of my head,like at the end of a tunnel.
    so many changes that it's still aggravating every day, but at least i have some hope back.

    Moved to a quieter house again,in October.

    Then a friend recommended a french guy giving a strange type of massage,so i have had three sessions with him,the first really gave me a bad month of throbbing and itchy ears,increased noise on both sides and a return to lots of different noises and changes in position,but basically back to the screeching metallic train track noise.hell!but with occasional dips in volume so i went back for 2 more,cutting out all other treatments,but so the noise is worse,but it gets quieter sometimes.sometimes as quiet as when the whole thing started,but not often. no more of him though.

    he also recommended a green clay poultice behind the ears every day,so i was doing that for the last 3 months,and since i'm unsure of any change,i've stopped now.

    december 2020

    tried some calmer earplugs,but that seems to accentuate the T.

    back in touch with my friend in Cyprus.

    I'm waiting for my next bottle of targeted homeopathy to arrive.

    I have improved days,and find sleeping with my head on the right side quietens the other and vice-versa,very strange. so i imagine pressure or inflammation issues also connected to the releases on the right side somehow.

    I've just changed from lions mane to a mushroom complex,also just started colloidal silver drops in my ears and gargling with it but this will only be for a few more days before my mullein drops arrive to try. .a neti pot and nasal spray.(i'm not going to mix these up too much)

    I think the the lions mane has definitely helped with my cognition and getting my brain back to feeling more normal,but i'm obviously becoming habituated to the T,even though the sound is atrocious.
    Still having some positive moments and I'm managing to stay hopeful and appreciate the tiny improvements as they happen,and accept the spikes.

    I now find the cbd oil really helps not only calm me,but seems to lower the volume.and has definitely helped my sleep.
    I've missed out a huge amount,so this will be edited to include more aspects,but i had to try to get as much down as possible.
    The T is normally about 4 to 6 now,sometimes down to 1 0r 2, so just bearable.I'm hoping,that with my current protocol,i will gradually get it down to nothing,and get back to life.